Thursday, June 2, 2016

Aiden's 7th Birthday at School

Heh... I had a whole long entry drafted in my phone for this, but of course that went down the drain together with the wiped out iPhone. *sigh*

Anyway, here's my attempt at rewriting it. So Aiden's actual birthday fell on a school day, Friday to be exact; two days before the big party at Kizsport. I was nervous about having his party at school, as all my previous experiences were at the kindy where class timing was flexible and teachers were more than happy to accommodate to your request for a party.

Big boy school was a whole different ball game. Not only were we not allowed to have the party in class, but we were confined to having it during recess time, with simple food that could easily be cleaned up afterwards.

Simple food? It was a toss up between a KFC single drumstick set or a McDonalds Happy Meal. In the end we decided on the latter as it also came with an additional toy to complement the party pack. We pre-ordered the meals two days before the party at our local McDonalds.

On the day of the party, I was running late from a prior facial. McDonalds had already called me twice to remind me that the food was ready for pickup. By the time I arrived, loaded the boxes and boxes of Happy Meals into my tiny Mini, and ordered additional Big Macs for Aiden's teachers, it was past the school start time. Problem was, Aiden was still at home waiting for me to send him to school! *pullshairout*

I drove home and texted the teacher to inform her that Aiden would only be joining his class post recess (which explains why his hair is still neatly combed in the below pictures) and that the party was still on! Thankfully she was quite accommodating, she even offered to ferry the kids to the canteen ten minutes before the stipulated recess time so the kids could enjoy more time at the 'party'.

As we pulled up into Aiden's school, the kids were already at the canteen, eagerly waiting for our arrival. They got super excited when they saw the Happy Meal boxes, but I refrained from giving them their toys and goody bags until the end of the party. With the help of Aiden's ketua darjah (a very responsible sweet girl, memang boleh buat calon menantu type!) the class formed a line and the teacher started distributing the food.

Aiden posing with his class teacher. Check out that hand trying to grab Aiden's Happy Meal ;)

Best friends.

Best 'girl' friends.

Boxes of Happy Meals left unattended as the kids were busy playing together.

Ian not impressed. *giggles*

The happy birthday boy posing with his best friends.

As everyone was busy gobbling down their food, I took the time to setup the cake cutting table. To my dismay, I realized that I forgot my cake stand! #DIYmummyproblems

Aiden wanted a Star Wars themed cake for both school and his official party. Realizing that I wouldn't have time to make two Millennium Falcons (even making one gave me a huge headache), I decided to embark on a simple two dimensional BB8 cake. I baked a full nine inch cake for the body, then a six inch cake (cut in half) for the head. Covered the entire thing with white fondant and then I used orange and grey fondant for the detailing. The best part? In all my rush I forgot to take pictures of the finished cake!!!

Best picture I got of the cake, before the kids ate the whole thing!

Fireworks candle - total havoc in the canteen! Sorry teachers!

Happy 7th birthday, Aiden! (Ian still not impressed!)

The fireworks candle sure caused quite some havoc in the canteen. Since Aiden couldn't blow out the fireworks, we allowed him to do extra cuts of the cake. After the cake cutting session, we distributed the sliced cakes. But I guess the kids were full from the food (or they were just excited about getting their goody bags), that they only ate BB8's head. In the end we told Aiden's teacher to bring the uncut BB8 body into the Bilik Guru for the teachers.

Distributing goody bags.

Good thing I had Aiden's ketua darjah beside me, cos some kids from neighbouring classes decided to queue up as well! And she would confidently 'shoo' them away, "Eh, awak bukan dari kelas saya, awak tak boleh amik!" Hah, I love this girl already! *chuckles*

Love this photo of the boys posing as super heroes.

Happy 7th birthday Aiden. We hope you enjoyed your birthday at school!


  1. Liz,i'm very happy when i reading this entry.sengeh2 dpn pc coz
    every year u akan sambut bezday anak u walau buzy mana pun..
    so impressive

    1. Hehehe kelakar pulak imagine you sengih sengih depan PC... Nanti eh post for his birthday party at Kizsport tak sempat draft lagi. Busy sangat! :p

  2. Hi Liz, just wonder if you could share the kedai, where you buy the paper bag please. Thanks

    1. Hi! I bought the paper bags at GM Klang. I think on the second floor. Plenty of shops to choose from, as they sell all forms of paper bags for weddings to parties. Hope this helps!


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