Friday, November 10, 2017

Pixajoy Photobook Birthday Present from Maxis!

Dear valued MaxisONE Club member, Happy Birthday from Maxis! Celebrate your birthday month with these treats: (1) Up to 20% off smartphone accessories (2) 8”x8” OR 11”x8” Pixajoy photo book. (3) 50% off spa treatment @ Mandara Spa. More info:

So I received this message yesterday. Yup, it's officially November, which means that many many discount vouchers and promotions will start flooding my inbox in conjunction with my birthday month.

I usually try to take advantage of my birthday perks, so the Photobook offer captured my attention. Since I was just done with filtering and editing photos for Aiden's Fireman birthday party for the last blogpost, I had all those shortlisted photos tucked in a folder on my desktop. Perfect timing!

I've always dreamt about making photo books for all of Aiden and Ian's birthday parties, but I usually get turned off with the very complicated software, or the non-user friendly interfaces. But I was pleasantly surprised to find that Pixajoy offered a very simple interface; I didn't even have to download any softwares to design my book!

The 11" x 8" hardcover. Don't ask me why the cover is pink.

I chose the 11"x8", 20 pages hardcover book, so I had to pay for shipping (about RM8, free shipping if you choose the paper cover). Since it was dirt cheap, I wasn't particularly bothered about the design and the layout. I simply plonked all the photos in the pre-determined layouts (you can change the layout or even click on auto-fill option for the software to automatically map your photos according to your chosen layout), and then clicked confirm! Two days later, it arrived!

My dessert table on beautiful glossy pages.

So so happy of my RM8 Photobook. Despite zero planning (seriously, I just dragged and dropped photos), I thought it turned out beautifully!

Don't ask me why the cover is pink. I accidentally clicked on a different layout colour option for the cover, then I couldn't fix it back to white (or rather didn't bother looking for how to do it; mentang-mentang lah bayar lapan ringgit jer kan)... So yeah, it's pink. But not too bad kan - contrast lah with the very reddish pictures.

My only complaint. Since it was my first time using Pixajoy, they had a 93% discount for first timers for their square soft cover photo books. I gleefully registered, but then they didn't allow me to have the discount cos they claimed that I had made my first purchase via the Maxis birthday reward. What???!!! *sigh* Takpelah - takde rezeki.


  1. you... beli je voucher kat 11street

    macam2 with less price and worth it.. tinggal rajin nak ngadap susun gambar je.. and quality superb.. takyah susah2 cuci gambar dah.. buat semua jadi buku.. even gambar amik from phone terus je direct transfer kat pixajoy jadi buku pun aci..

    1. Wow! Thank you so much! Teruja betul tengok RM1 for a softcover book. Thank you so much for suggesting this. Tiba-tiba terus semangat nak buat photobook for all of the kids' birthdays! :)


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