Thursday, November 16, 2017

Women Business Laptop Bags

And so I've been hunting for my own birthday present for this year. Hubby is giving me the free reign (but not an endless budget boohoo) to choose my preferred present, with the condition that he will refuse any requests for funding yet another handbag *rollseyes*

Since I can't buy any handbags, and I don't want another pair of shoes (he bought the latter last year), I'm really struggling to think of anything! The initial plan was to drag Hubby into Chanel to look at accessories but I don't think he'll appreciate his hard earned money being spent at something so small. Perhaps something from Tiffany and Co? Or a watch? A new camera for better photos for this blog?

Anyway, Hubby proposed a laptop bag. The first time he said it, I laughed my head off. Like seriously. Why the heck would he spend so much money on a bag for my laptop, which will most probably end up on the floor or even in the boot of my car.

However, slowly but surely I started warming up to the idea. Honestly, my current laptop bag does not compliment my work outfit which I meticulously choose every morning.

Hence here are my shortlisted choices:

Top 3 choices of the Voyageur from Tumi. Far left is Calais (looks very school bag like) while the middle is Sacha (buckle type; very classy). 

This is the one on the far right and made from some coated PVC like material (not leather). Sturdier than the other two which are made from fabric. Tumi also offers complimentary monogramming!

Top 2 choices from Coach. Both from the men section (cos the ladies backpacks are so small!)

Anyway, I've sent my preferred choices to Hubby. He's refusing to tell me which one he's going to choose, so I guess the surprise is on me now!

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