Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Real Kids Plus vs Bahtera Ilmu Fee Structure 2018

And so it's that time of the year again, when parents scramble to look for the best kindergartens for their children. I've been getting so many daily hits on my prior blogpost - Real Kids Plus vs Bahtera Ilmu Fee Structure 2015, that it drove me to write this blogpost! (You can see on my sidebar, how that blogpost is steadily climbing upwards on my most popular posts.)

In this blogpost, I share the same considerations that I made for Ian (who's just turning 4 at the end of this month, but going into a 5 year old class next year!) and compare the top two kindergartens in my list for the Bukit Jelutong area.

The comparison chart below replicates the fees I depicted in my prior post (here) for 2014 and 2015, but now updated to include 2018, so that you get a feel on the fees increase per year. 

Note that the figures below add up to the ANNUAL total (hence the total you need to pay for the whole YEAR.) If you are looking for how much you will need to pay to book a spot for your child in the respective school (bulk payment in December), check the snapshots of the school fees below.

  • Real Kids Plus require a refundable security deposit of RM1000. This is not included in the list above as it is refundable upon when the child leaves the school with sufficient notification.
  • Uniform and sportswear are assumed the same for both kindergarten; 2 pairs of uniform and 1 pair of sportswear.
  • Bahtera Ilmu charges additional (fee not stated hence not in above) for field trips. However, this is already included in the Real Kids Plus fees.
  • Miscellaneous fees such as graduation and class photographs, ceremony fees etc. are not included in the above.
  • Disclaimer: Information is accurate at time of writing. But do let me know if my numbers are incorrect. (Engineers make silly math mistakes too, you know!)

It is quite obvious from the above that the annual total for Real Kids Plus is always more than Bahtera Ilmu. However, if you were to divide that into 12 months for a per month average, in 2018 the difference has dropped to ~RM196 (versus ~RM 230 in 2015).

Anyway, if you are sending your child to kindergarten for the first time, please do not get a shock at these numbers. I know that feeling... how can kindergarten be as expensive as a semester in a local university??? *weeps together with you* Don't worry, government primary schools are cheap. Unless you are planning to send your child to a private/international school... *weeps with you again*

Lastly, here are the hard copies of the Real Kids Plus and Bahtera Ilmu 2018 fee structure for your reference.

Real Kids Plus 2018 fee structure - half day.

Real Kids Plus 2018 fee structure - full day.

Bahtera Ilmu 2018 fee structure - half day.

No surprises for guessing where Ian is going. He's going to his big brother's alma mater, of course!


  1. hi..im wondering if you have the real kid's full day programme fees structure 2018 or do you know about the fees?

    1. Hi. I've updated the blogpost with the full day fee structure. Hope this helps.

  2. Will the kids be exposed to mandarin learning even with the english medium structure?

    1. Yes they will, but not as intensive as the mandarin medium class.

  3. Hi there! Thank you for the info. Do you happen to have the schedules for both fullday and half day for Realkids? Thanks in advance!

  4. Hi is this real kids in Putrajaya? Hows the school? :)

  5. Hello mummies anyone in Kota Kemuning ? Please give me feedback Real Kids vs Chinese Taipei Kindergarten?

  6. Hi mandarin medium fee structure for 2019 for 4 yrs old half day please


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