Wednesday, November 22, 2017

School Holidays Started Early - To Legoland We Go!

Hello peeps!

If you've been following my Instagram, I apologize for spamming your newsfeed with my photos in Legoland. *chuckles* #sorrynotsorry

We had a fabulous time in Legoland. This time was an exceptionally extended trip, because the Dutch Oil Company organized a family day at the same location, hence we merged our holiday with the team building event... which equaled to three days of back to back Legoland entries. Phewww. By the third day, Hubby and I were just praying for time to quickly pass so that we could go home. The kids? They wailed (and Ian even cried) when we dragged them to the car to go home. (Where do they get their energy???)

Posing with Ninjago Kai.

Getting our portraits painted.

Love this shot of Aiden!

Taking a short nap in the theme park.

We also took the opportunity to celebrate Ian's birthday there. Every single time we remembered, we would say, "Happy Birthday Ian!" And he would answer sweetly, "Thank you..." We also told every Legoland staff we encountered, that we were celebrating his birthday. And of course, Ian enjoyed all the attention that was lavished upon him. So much so that now he says, "Babang's birthday is fireman, my birthday is Legoland!"

The birthday boy.

It was definitely a memorable trip for me too. Why? Well I am a huge scaredy cat hence I hate roller coasters and such, and despite Hubby's pleas for us to go on it together, I would firmly stand my ground, refusing to be swayed. But as part of the team building event, I was 'forced' to go on three thrill rides - two roller coasters and one splash plunge. Mengenangkan that each activity meant team points, I swallowed my fear and forced myself to go on all of it. It turned out not to be so bad. In fact, the junior dragon roller coaster and the splash plunge were quite fun! (The adult dragon roller coaster was a completely different story, though.)

Ian chauffeuring me around in a boat.

Help! Ian's being eaten alive!

And because I had managed to conquer my fear, I gleefully invited Hubby to go on the rides with me the very next day. He was NOT happy! "Oh, kawan you ajak you naik, I ajak you tak pernah nak naik!!!" #boohoohoo

Anyway, Aiden was inspired by my new found bravery, and he bravely went on the junior roller coaster with me. He loved it!!! "It's not too bad, Mummy! It was actually fun!" (We forced him on the splash plunge too but he did not enjoy it AT ALL; in fact he bawled the whole way!) The next day, we went on the roller coaster yet again, this time with Ian in tow. Surprisingly, Ian enjoyed it too! Here's a photo of all of us on the roller coaster:

Siap angkat tangan, ok!

We also discovered minifigure trading (similar to pin trading in Disneyland). Since we didn't bring our own minifigure from home, I bought a cheap one from the Legoland shop, and then encouraged the kids to walk up to a Legoland staff to trade. (The staff's minifigure will be on his/her name tag.) The kids had a blast approaching the very friendly staff to either check out his/her minifigure, or request for trade!

Ian traded his minifigure for a Chima, while Aiden managed to trade for one which came all the way from Australia.

Since we bought our tickets during the Matta Fair promotion, it came with tickets to the water park and also one night's stay at Legoland Hotel. The kids had a grand time at the Legoland Hotel; they built swords with the unlimited supply of Lego in the hotel lobby play area, they danced with Lego characters during the character parade, and witnessed a magic show. Aiden even won himself a Star Wars Lego set just from participating in the magic show! The last time we visited Legoland Hotel, we were in the Pirate room, hence this time around we chose the Adventure room. I won't spam this blogpost with the many photos of our room, but here's a photo of the kids' loot from their treasure hunt!

Siap baring to find answers to the treasure hunt. The kids received a Duplo set (photo frame), a Ninjago set (phone movie set) and a Ninjago key chain. The rest were from their shopping spree at the Lego shop!

Other than the theme park, we also went to the water park. This time around, we khatam every single slide in the park! Every single one of them! So proud of myself. Must be the after effects of the new found bravery post roller coaster. *giggles*

Water park!

There is now a new ship building attraction right opposite the adult slides. Hence that was where Ian spent most of his time while we went on the slides that he wasn't tall enough for.

Hope you enjoyed your birthday getaway, baby!

Back home, posing with their goodies. #mummydaddykopak

Since Ian really enjoyed his birthday getaway, Aiden is now requesting for the same for his birthday next year. I told him to choose between a birthday party or Legoland. He chose the latter! Hmm... Maybe I can retire from organizing parties and making dessert tables for good! #wishfulthinking

I don't think these boys will ever let me retire from party planning!

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  1. Bestnyaaa, enjoy yeah.. Happy Belated Birthday Ian!
    Hi sis, first time visit your blog! hehe~ I am Johorean, but never masuk Legoland waterpark...dulu masa awal pembukaan, takde waterpark lagi....


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