Friday, July 10, 2009

Aiden's First Laugh

I was brushing my teeth with a scowl on my face, after grumbling grumbling grumbling at hubby for arriving home late after his futsal match. In return, hubby was trying to cool me down by offering to change Aiden's diaper. With his mouth whispering to Aiden "See, Mummy pok pek pok pek again"...

Suddenly, Aiden laughed. He literally laughed. I paused in front of the bathroom mirror, toothbrush in mouth, toothpaste foam dripping, listening intently. Aiden has done this sekali-gelak-sahaja laugh twice already, both while he was asleep.

And suddenly he laughed again!!! I rinsed my mouth, rushed out of the bathroom and hubby was squealing in delight. Buruk benar bila orang dewasa gelak mengekek ekek! Slowly I took my PDA and quietly turned the video on.

Aiden has this issue with cameras and phones. I can never get anything out of him when he sees my PDA recording him. He would just look at it with a blank stare. The minute the PDA disappears, he starts gurgling and cooing like nobody's business.

But this time he made a proper show. He laughed again and again. Mummy & Daddy were absolutely overjoyed. And Mummy's leteran went down the drain.

P.S: Don't forget to check out his dimple!

N.B: Was hunting high and low for my toothbrush this morning. Found it on the dresser beside Aiden's playpen. Must have brought the toothbrush along with me yesterday while scrambling to find my PDA. Haha

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