Saturday, July 4, 2009

Health Challenge: Week 1

Yesterday was mind blowing. The sweat, the grime, the stickyness melekit lekit - it was all very satisfying. First day of training for Health Challenge...

I chose my attire carefully. Dress to win. I desperately wanted to wear my ultra shocking pink tracksuit. The one with the word BeBe in sequins on the butt. It used to be cool when I bought it two years ago. Unfortunately, as a Mummy, I can no longer be seen displaying words on my butt. I don’t think Aiden would be tickled pink with the image of his Mummy running around the KLCC park, butt fat jiggling the word BeBe. Therefore, I rummaged through my closet for a long baby-T.

I arrived in KLCC an hour earlier than training time. I wanted to “warm up” at the Marks & Spencer sale. Mothercare was having a sale as well. I didn’t want to get Aiden anymore clothes, as I had splurged on him a few days back while getting a present for Widya’s new baby girl, Suri.

Oh ya, congratulations Widya & Rizal. Zara would be so pleased to have a baby sister, especially one with such a glamorous name. Suri. Wow. Suri Rizal. Wow.

As I was queuing up to pay for a hanging mobile for Aiden’s stroller in Mothercare, the guy in front of me was paying for an Avent sterilizer. He didn’t have a Mothercare VIP card, which would give him an extra 10% off the discounted price. I offered him my card, but the darn cashier wouldn’t allow it! Uurrgghh... I felt like telling her off “you think by doing this to save RM35 for Mothercare Malaysia, they would put it in your next pay cheque??” I mean, what is wrong with trying to help someone out using your VIP card? Not everyone can spend RM800 in 3 months in Mothercare to qualify for your bloody VIP card! I once helped a lady out using my Isetan card, for her to get a discount. I once gave a person an extra 20% off her pair of sandals using my Padini card. Never rejected! Bugger!

I was determined to burn off my frustration by running faster during my training. Haha, yeah right. That did not materialise. By the time I walked to the designated assembly area in front of Exxon Mobil, I was already feeling tired. Out of the 6 participants from the Red Team, only 4 of us turned up. And boy oh boy, did Aidil the personal trainer grill us to the ground! We started by running around the KLCC park (no shortcuts allowed – even after I explained my warm up shopping in KLCC). Three quarters of the way, I cheated and started to walk very slowly. I picked up speed as soon as I could see Aidil – must not let him down! Then he told us to try short distance sprinting. Back and forth, back and forth we went, until we could do no more. He did not even give us a breather, because after that he forced us through a series of lunges, squats, sit ups, push ups and dead lifts. Not one set, not two sets, but three sets. Unfortunately, by the second set, I felt dizzy, felt like vomiting, so I had to sit out for ten minutes! *very malu*

As Sanjeev said, “we finally saw light at the end of the tunnel”. After an hour of gruelling exercise, Aidil finally ended our misery. My arms and thighs were sore! But I walked back to KLCC, jiggling fat and all, satisfied and contented.

Second training on Wednesday, 5pm. Go, Red Team, Go!

N.B: I had grilled lamb chops and salad for dinner. No rice! But I think the mushroom sauce kinda spoiled the diet. Haha.

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