Saturday, July 11, 2009

Famous Liz Choc Chip Cookies

After the failure of my trifle, I decided to make myself feel better by baking my proven-no-failure chocolate chip cookies. I’ve baked these babies so many times, I bet I can make them with one eye closed! *chewah, berlagak*

Although they look like no Famous Amos, they are a hit in our household! It’s fun to pick one cookie out of a jar and flip it over to count how many chocolate chips are embedded in your pick. And it’s a good reason to stop by the dining table (where the cookie jars are) when you’re on your way up the stairs, or on your way to the kitchen. Definitely a diet buster. Aarrgghh!!

It was Bibik’s first time using the mixer and she was awed by the complexity of the machine. The way she was asking about the mixer, it looks like she wants to carry one home when her contract ends. Insyaallah, i’ll get her one. If she serves her term well. It is too early to tell, especially with the maid horror stories nowadays. Which is why we’re getting a few CCTV cameras fitted around the house in preparation for my grand return to work.

While the mixer was whirring noisily on the kitchen table, and as I was sifting the flour, I received a text message. Hah! When I read the text, I nearly dropped the cup of flour I was holding. Does my trainer have ESP or something???

Aidil, Trainer from Hell: Hi Reds. Today no tea time or hi tea ok Reds. Go for heavy dinner but early.

But I was already halfway through the recipe! I guess, if I consume these chocolate chip cookies, I would have to forego the delicious Tom Yam I was going to make for dinner. *sigh* My trainer is really dragging me through a guilt trip here.

Me: But i’m making choc chip cookies! I ‘rasuah’ you with it next week can? Hehe...
Aidil, Trainer from Hell: Aiyoo kakak! Ok ok don’t forget ha!

The delicious batter mixture of butter, brown sugar, castor sugar, eggs, flour and of course, chocolate chips. Nyummy!!

I bear no artistic skills in shaping cookies. Which is why they're no Famous Amos.

Hubby and Daddy's Partner-In-Crime, Aiden - Both working together to wreck Mummy's funny shaped cookies with Aiden's giant foot.

A jar full of sinful chocolate chip cookies. Oooppsss! There goes my diet out the window!

Ask Aiden about his Mummy's yummylicious cookies, and he'll tell you they're arm-sucking good!!!

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