Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Of Weird Interpretations

I noticed recently that I have a knack for interpreting words differently than others.

For instance, that annoying (yet I still watch it cos the TV is forever on channel 103) drama, Datin Wan Abe? Well, hubby recently had a good laugh when I told him that I did not understand the title. Why Abe? As in Abe in Kelantanese meaning Abang (brother)? So why is it Datin Wan Abang?

Shows you how deep my Kelantanese roots are... Haha.

And a few days back, hubby was again rolling on the floor laughing, when I told him MY interpretation of the very very annoying Hai-O water purifier advert on TV. You know the end part where they tell you to join the sickeningly happy Hai-O family? If you notice at the very bottom, the word hai-omarketing is prominently displayed.

And I read it as Hai Omar Keting. Yes.. keting as in that part of your leg which I am having difficulty translating in English.

I’m weird in that way, I know.

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