Sunday, July 5, 2009

Grumpy Aiden

Hubby's family stopped by our cosy home, on their way to Kuantan. They were going to Kuantan as hubby's grandmother (Aiden's great grandmother!) decided that she has had enough of Subang Jaya and wanted to return to her home sweet home in Kuantan.

Aiden's makciks enjoy bullying him. Once, while I was asleep, they tortured Aiden by placing ice cubes and cucumber slices on his face. Poor helpless Aiden. And Aiden is very selective on who he chooses to flash his precious toothless smile to. To everyone else, he adopts this grumpy "i-don't-care-who-you-are-so-bugger-off" look. Despite this grumpy look, Aiden still looks cute with his chubby cheeks, so instead of putting off bullying attacks, it further attracts them!

Mummy, quick dress me up! No more pictures please!!!

Even my grandma is joining in the fun of poking my chubby cheeks! *geram*

Oh, they're heading home. That's my great grandma kissing me goodbye. Notice my "i-don't-care" face?

Now I shall sodok my head in revenge for that ice cube incident. What? We both have dimples? Who cares??!!

Another bully kissing me goodbye. Please go home.

Oh, this one I like. This is my granddaddy. He is always telling my auntys off for bullying me. And he tells them to shadap whenever I am asleep. Bising jer!

Mummy, are they really going home already? Because I can see a finger coming to poke my chubby cheeks again. Aarrgghhh...

Yeay, they're finally going home! Come again another day, another day when i'm old enough to bite your fingers when you try to squeeze my supple cheeks!

Bye! See my face? Bye!

Daddy! Why are YOU bullying me now! Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..... (Mummy's note: Aiden's merely yawning...)

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