Saturday, August 22, 2009

Aiden’s Red Ferrari

Look at what I got for Aiden! A pair of Flaming Red Puma Ferrari sneakers. Just in time for Raya. Imagine these shoes paired with a Maroon Baju Melayu. Absolutely cute!

These sneakers had quite a bit of history in them. They took quite a while to arrive into my hands. About 6 months ago (2 months shy of my due date), I was wobbling – huge tummy, puffy feet and all – to Seventh Heaven, Pavilion for my LAST facial before the big day. As I was rushing for my appointment, I spotted a shop selling a whole lot of Ferrari merchandise, so I made a mental note to check it out for hubby. After an excruciating hour of facial (excruciating due to lying flat on the facial table with a 20kg tummy compressing down making it hard to breathe!), I started walking towards the store. After ten minutes of walking, I realised that I just simply could not remember where it was! Even the information counter could not help me, as they claim that there are no Ferrari stores in Pavilion. I was flabbergasted! But I was confident with what I saw, and therefore started retracing my steps, from the parking all the way to my facial.

At last, I found the store. It was a Puma store, which apparently houses Puma Ferrari merchandise. The original intention was to get for hubby a Ferrari shirt or Ferrari backpack, but suddenly I spotted the infant Ferrari range of sneakers. I literally drooled at the sight of those red nyummy sneakers! However, I just simply had to have hubby’s chop of “yes, they look nice, you can buy those” approval, so I rushed to pick up hubby from work, and we then headed straight back to the same store.

*sigh*… bringing hubby for his opinion was a real faux pas. Not only did he disagree with the price, he disagreed with buying sneakers for such small pair of feet and called it a waste of money since Aiden wouldn’t be able to walk in those sneakers anyway! The only thing he agreed with was that the red flaming sneakers were absolutely adorable... *sigh*

Fast forward to about two months after Aiden was born, again we went to Pavilion, and again I showed hubby those pair of sneakers. And yet the answer was still “No, yang. He’s too small, and they are just too expensive. He has a lot of shoes anyway, those presents from your friends, my relatives… blablablabla…” Very frustrating.

Yesterday, I was celebrating the arrival of my August pay cheque with lunch with my BBGS girlfriends in Pavilion. And suddenly, it hit me. I wanted those red flaming sneakers. No, correct that. I NEEDED those red flaming sneakers. Hubby can sulk all he want, but I’m buying those for Aiden. Full stop! So off we went to the Puma store. And….. just my luck, the particular model which I wanted, was sold out! I was absolutely devastated!!! The very next day, I dragged hubby to every single Puma store in the Klang Valley. I kept telling him again and again how we all could have been spared from this agony, if only hubby had agreed with me 6 months ago! I’m telling you, women are always right!

Finally we found the sneakers at the very last Puma store we visited (talk about Murphy’s Law!). And the best part was, it was at 50% discount!

Hubby: “See, this was why I told you not to buy it 6 months ago… because I wanted you to be able to get it at a 50% discount!” (dengan nada tak nak kalah)
Me: Yeah yeah, whatever *rolling eyes*

I am happy with my purchase, and I know that secretly hubby loves those Red Flaming babies on Aiden’s feet. What say you?

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