Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Merdeka Malaysia!

And with Merdeka comes opportunities for shopping, not only with the Hari Raya sale, but also for the new house! So this was how we spent our Merdeka Holiday: pushing through throngs of people at the CIMB Perfect Livin' Exhibition in PWTC.

Surprisingly, the prices offered were cheaper than the overrated HomeDec. Not to imply that we won’t be visiting the next HomeDec though. Heck, I even went to the last HomeDec although I was still in my confinement period (11 days after delivering Aiden), lengkap with socks and wheelchair!

Besides booking our grill, air conditioning, buying roller blinds, garden lights and water pump, we got these babies for the new house! As I don’t really bake THAT much, we decided against going for an expensive hob+oven+microwave combo. Note that these pictures were taken with a camera phone, thus the less than appealing quality of colours.

Purchase with purchase offer. We were actually not eligible for this offer, since we did not purchase a hood. But yours truly really has a "sweet" mouth untuk pujuk rayu.

The oven which will produce more of those yummy-licious cookies.

My name prominently displayed, I am famous! I especially like this one. I am a sucker for cheap goodies. Which was why I purchased the display set which gave me an extra 10% off! It was a NEW display set - logically isn't it the same as purchasing a new set, except that this one was carted off to PWTC for show?

A freebie which yours truly managed to get from the pujuk rayu she imposed on the salesperson. Key to getting freebies - pujuk rayu the head of sales in the exhibition, not just any salesperson. And call him/her by name. Tell him/her how your current kitchen is fully decked with his/her product.

Imagine Aiden walking with his chubby feet into the kitchen, and tugging on my apron strings, asking for a freshly baked cookie from the batch of hot baked goodies I am baking with the new oven. So Stepford wives-like!

I am so looking forward to the new house!

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