Friday, August 14, 2009

Of Property and Houses

After our first milestone of the year (delivering Aiden!), we are now changing gears, preparing ourselves for our second milestone – moving to our new home! Yes, yes I know I have forever been complaining about moving to Shah Alam, and those close to me knows how frustrated I am with the fact that my new house shares a wall with a Pencawang Electric (PE, Electric Substation).

First things first. Why the hell did we buy a house beside a PE? Well first and foremost, we were told that there would be a gap between the PE wall and our house wall, and it was the only available end lot house. I especially loved the fact that it is located at a dead end (my current house is at a dead end and therefore I get very suspicious whenever I see a non-familiar car parked near the house), it is close to the surau, and quite close to the guard house. I wasn’t banking on the fact that we were going to be neighbours with the PE! And just recently, a friend commented that purchasing a property so close to a PE would just make it a bit more harder to sell in the future! *sigh*

However, we are mighty excited as this is OUR first house. By OUR, I mean that the monthly installments are deducted from both of our salaries. I am especially excited over the semi-d end lot design (current house is intermediate link), huge garden (30 feet to be exact!), the tower design (which can be converted into another floor/attic), the patio (which can be turned into a breakfast area cum water feature) and the fact that we get to decorate the interiors with our own modern contemporary style (current house was decorated by my late mum and has more neutral woody colours). And psssttt… there is a plot of unclaimed land right behind the PE which we are planning to use as a future area for picnics and BBQs!

It also gives me the opportunity and alasan to finally get rid of nearly half of MY junk in the current house. I just can't help it! I inherited the “I need to keep everything including my first ever 100% graded paper in Std 3, UPSR/PMR/SPM papers, cheerleading outfit” (… you get the drift) trait from my Mummy!

And our new house in Shah Alam is located in a peaceful environment, amidst greenery, vegetation, leaves, grass… okay you get the drift. And there is a clubhouse equipped with an Olympic size swimming pool, kiddies pool, gym, jogging/bicycle track… simply said - stuff to keep Aiden and Daddy occupied during the weekends. Not to mention, the people in our community (online and offline) are friendly and pleasant. And deep down in my heart, I know that Shah Alam is a suitable place to raise a family. I have had enough of noisy cars and motorcycles piercing the calm of my night!

So, I present to you our 75% completed house! (Taken with several different cameras at different times which explains the different hues of the pictures...)

Cahaya SPK is having their first Residents Association (RA) meeting this weekend, where we will finally get to meet people whom we have only met through the internet. Can’t wait!


  1. congratulations on the new house liz! i wonder how u're going to commute to office from shah alam....i have an easy life in Miri when it comes to commuting....

  2. Hehehe.. sorry for the late reply. I was wondering sape la Am nie. Hehehehe...

    Yeah, I know, KL and Shah Alam is super super super jauh. Traffic jam lagi! *sigh* Bestnyer duduk kat Miri ;)


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