Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy 4 Months old Aiden!

And so Aiden is 4 months old. Time sure flies nowadays!

So what can he do now? He is able to roll over on his own, therefore no more sleeping on the couch during the day. He has now been banished to sleeping on his playmat on the floor. He is able to roll over from one end to the other end of the playmat and spends most of his time on his tummy. Tummy time, I call it.

He is always holding his hand out to grab things. He especially loves to touch handphones and TV remotes. Recently we were all on the bed, and hubby’s handphone, which was also on the bed, started ringing. But we were all too lazy to pick it up, and suddenly Aiden reached out and actually grabbed it! Haha… soon Mummy’s crystal collection would have to be packed safely into boxes!

He enjoys looking at the mirror, although he is still oblivious to the fact that the smiley baby in the mirror is actually him. He loves playing Peek-A-Boo with Daddy, and is trying very hard to enjoy himself whenever Daddy tosses him in the air. I think he is secretly scared of the speed in which Daddy whizzes him through the air, but being the good sport that he is, there is always a teeny weeny hint of a smile at the end.

Aiden enjoys going out, and doesn’t mind being strapped down in his stroller – provided that his stroller is movingggggggggg… Even if we’re waiting for/in the elevator, the stroller has to be moving, so usually Daddy gets the task of pushing the stroller round and round and round while Mummy pushes the elevator button impatiently (as if that is going to make it go faster!).

However he hates the car seat, and is forever struggling to get out of his harness. If he is not strapped down, he would simply wiggle downwards until half of his body sticks out of the car seat. Not to mention shout (not cry, mind you!) until you pick him up and “stand” him facing the car window so that he can watch other cars whiz by.

Aiden has also inherited a trait from both Mummy and Daddy – he is NOT a morning person. Therefore his sleeping pattern mimics both of us, in the sense that he’s still awake at 1:30 in the morning, and still asleep at 1:30 in the afternoon. However, Dr Padma went ballistic when she heard about this – so we are trying really hard to change his sleeping time to one that is more suitable for a baby! Which is not an easy task! Ask my neighbours – they’ll vouch for our attempts to get Aiden to sleep amidst the crying and wailing. Which was why we had to resort to the pacifier at night. *sigh* That is probably the biggest failure I have felt as a Mummy to-date, apart from having to feed him formula milk.

Aiden is also starting to use his gums more often. I suspect that he is teething, but books I read keep telling me it is too early. He is always biting his teats in between his feedings, and he keeps pulling my knuckles towards his mouth to bite them. No joke, his gums are really strong and my knuckles are always sore after! If there aren’t any teats or knuckles around, he resorts to sucking his hand. Yes, his hand – because he still cannot figure out how to stick his thumb out to suck. So his whole hand goes into the mouth, sometimes two or three fingers at once, and if he sticks it in too far he’ll start coughing and retching, which of course causes Mummy to jump up in panic.

Nowadays, he consumes at least 4oz of milk each feeding. He also seems to understand that his bottle means milk. Whenever he is crying for milk, he would instantly stop wailing as soon as he sees the bottle. When the bottle is brought close to him, he would use both his hands to pull it even closer. Very impatient!

Aiden Irfan, you’re definitely the apple of our eyes!


  1. aaa i dont know that u have a blog.. will link your blog to mine okeh! btw ur baby is super cutee !!!

  2. Hehe thanks Peon! Cepatla deliver... Aiden needs a playmate ;)


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