Monday, May 17, 2010

Aiden's First Token Ride

I know this post is quite lame, but still, this blog is meant to be Aiden's milestone diary so I need to record everything (even the lamest ones). So that when Aiden is older he can review his first years and reflect on how tough it was for Mummy to raise this cheeky-but-adorable rascal of mine!

After test driving the F10 yesterday and battling diarrhea the whole day and night, I was too drained (literally) both energy and liquid-wise to get my body to the office. So I called in sick and rested at home. In the afternoon when I finally felt like I could stomach and hold in some food, I dragged Aiden and Bibik to Tesco for food and groceries.

Then I saw token rides right outside the cashier point. Did you know that these token rides are actually part of a pyramid multi-level scheme. I was once approached by them during last year's HomeDec. Pay a sum of money to own one of the token rides, plus insurance (in case a child riding the token ride injures himself and decides to sue you as the owner) plus maintenance fee of the machine, and you stand to reap the benefits from all those 20cent and 50cent coins!

I for one, wasn't convinced. Because I am one of those people who are too kedekut to waste precious 20cents or 50cents coins on those machines, when Aiden can just enjoy them without them even moving. Also, I didn't want to teach Aiden that those rides can move!

Aiden excited at being able to navigate the steering wheel.

Very very excited, although the "train" wasn't moving.

Look at the truckload of groceries we purchased!

Aiden even stood up to touch the head of the train. This is not Chuggington lah baby!

Next up, the motionless car!

I'm so proud, my baby's first ride on a token ride! *tearing up*

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