Thursday, July 15, 2010

Back to Blogging!

***Sticky Post Mode***

“Phhhfffuuufff phhhfffuuufff…” (That’s me blowing the dust off this beloved blog of mine.)

Heylo peeps! How have you guys been? Yes, yes guilty as charged. I swear my stomach churns and turn every time I think of the blog and how long I have left this blog post-less. I am not making excuses, but you know how it goes. You get busy, you swear you’ll find the time to blog, you snap pictures using your iPhone and vow to someday write a post about it, you find contentment by just uploading pictures to Facebook, you feel guilty about not blogging, life is perfect, you not only neglect the blog, you neglect Twitter as well, the itch to write transforms into munching chocolates, the time you usually use to furiously type a post magically turns into lying on the couch watching reruns of Criminal Minds, the guilt slowly fades away and suddenly one day your husband gives you a chilli hot statement “Yang, have you forgotten that you have a blog?”

So wham bam bam here I am. Trying to reorganize my brain into blogging mode again. Phewww it was a good break. I do blog-walk, but blogging was so far away from my mind it was actually refreshing. As refreshing as when I finally got the Farmville craze out of my system. Not only was I able to spend the time with Aiden, I even enjoyed my two excursions to Singapore without worrying about how I was going to squeeze uploading photos and typing words with the silly slow network connection within the holiday. And the WiFi at home is still down and I jolly well couldn’t care less because I could use 3G to surf the internet with iPhone.

But I am back. I cannot promise that I would religiously write minimum 10 posts per month but I will blog when I have the time (and the energy).

How have I been? Life is simply simply simply perfect. Work is tough, I am loving the demanding work and enjoying the credit that comes with it. I am enjoying Aiden at 15months old who constantly surprises me with new abilities every single day. The house renovation is nearly complete. I was in Singapore and managed to not shop and still felt like the trip was worth it. Hubby is earning well and may even come home for good soon. I’m back to running on the treadmill and trying to get off chocolates, but this is a battle that I may never win. I dream about decorating the new house every night before I sleep. Had a long overdue movie plus dinner “date” with Hubby. Finally went for my facial and massage and am enjoying my good hair days. I drive to work humming to the radio and cruise at moderate speed because somehow I am always 10minutes early to work. My mind is uncluttered thus my focus span is remarkable. So yes, perfect.

Note that this is a sticky note. I have like about a dozen posts queued up in my brain so I shall be constantly updating backdated posts (and maybe new current ones). So until this is all done, this post stays on top! Anything between this post and the Universal Studios Singapore post are backdated posts, okay?

Back to blogging! Bring it on!!!


  1. welcome back mummy liz...thought you've totally forgotten ur blog. Nice to know u're still here..:)

  2. Hehehe I am still here Zurin. And I did blog walk to your blog a couple of times during my hiatus. Good to know someone is still blogging religiously. Great posts for my sanity!

  3. Liz...lama tak update blog :-)

  4. Eynda, kadang kadang malassssss sgt nak update blog. Macammane? Hahaha...


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