Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dinner at Celedon

Sometimes, I spend more than RM50 for lunch. And I kid you not. My lunch partners are all mid 30s to mid 40s, with plenty of moolah to spend. Being the youngest at mid 20s (mid tuh... denial habis!), I enjoy their company and their wisdom (what wisdom??!!) which comes with their old age (I am soooo looking for trouble). And these 30s to 40s peeps do not eat fast food. McDonalds is junk. They don't eat pizza unless it is Italian (bye bye Dominos!) and enjoy fine dining all the time.

And I always feel guilty when spending so much on lunch. It's not the guilt of spending too much. But rather the guilt of spending it with friends instead of with Hubby and Aiden. I wanted them to get to eat the scrumptious food I devour at lunch as well!

So 5 days after receiving my pay, I decided to take my family out for a Thai treat. I decided to share with them one of my favourite spots for lunch.

Guess where we went?

Celedon, in Pavilion KLCC.

I love the chandelier! *sigh* Unfortunately the ceiling height of the Cahaya SPK house isn't high enough to accommodate the enormity of this light feature. (No, no, actually, its the enormity of the price that we cannot afford!)

Lovely jade coloured bowls and plates.

I have always loved Mieng Kam ever since I first tried it about 7 years ago. How do you eat this? Take the leave, spread it with the brown sauce. Put the condiments on the leaf (I usually put dried prawns, coconut flakes, ground nuts and a bit of lime for some zest) and roll the leave. Pop it into your mouth. Absolutely yummy!!

Aiden is now at the age where he loves imitating people. So when he saw us munching on the leaves, he wanted to try some too! But he placed the leave straight into his mouth. Which of course, didn't taste good at all!

So he ended up putting the leave on his head. So cute!!!

Celedon even has plastic plates and utensils for toddlers.

Definite must try. Clear Tom Yam seafood. Spicy, of course.

Chicken fried with cashew nuts. And the basket is edible.

We also ordered sweet and sour japanese tofu but by the time the dish arrived, we were too busy devouring our food, hence no pictures. Hubby and I had second and third helpings of everything. The spread we ordered was heavenly divine. Celedon never fails to impress me everytime! (Wow, sounds like a tag line.) But seriously, after the meal ended, we sat back patting our tummies in content.

And then, it was time for dessert! We didn't want ice-cream or the typical Thai dessert like Mango with glutinous rice. So we ordered a sweet and cold combination of jack fruit and red rubies in a coconut shell.

So satisfying!

Sweet and cold.

Aiden, trying to persuade Daddy to let him pay for the wonderful meal.


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