Sunday, July 25, 2010

Nasi Ayam in Ampang

The in-laws surprised me on a Sunday morning by announcing that they (plus my sister in laws) were going to drop by for a visit.

So I stood in my kitchen, scratching my head trying to think of something to conjure with my limited supply of groceries to hidang to the famished family who were on the way from Subang USJ. I had enough of making ayam masak merah or masak kicap or masak lemak. It is even a family joke between hubby and I:

Me: "Yang, malam nie you nak makan ayam masak merah, masak kuning or masak hitam?"
Hubby: "Masak biru boleh?"

And I simply hate making ayam masak something when there are visitors. Because one dish is never enough. Add a vegetable dish and it still isn't enough to serve to my in-laws. I mean, it isn't always that they come by. And to serve rice, one main dish and one side dish, just ain't right.

So I decided to make Nasi Ayam! A perfect excuse for a complete meal. No one can complain that the dish is to simple, because heck, Chicken Rice is just like that. Rice, chicken, soup. With chilli and soy sauce on the side. And chopped tomatoes and cucumber or shredded salad leaves. Right?

Chicken rice yang tak cukup halia, according to my MIL!

Nyummy marinated chicken and fried to perfection.

Home made chilli and soy sauce.

And of course, chicken soup.

So, what do you serve when given short notice to cook for your in-laws?

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