Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Junior Gardener

I have to admit, I love having a garden. Although I am not exactly famous for being able to grow anything! In our previous house, before I got married, the garden would be unkept, full of weeds and scary. Then I got married and Hubby decided to try to make the garden a bit more presentable but unfortunately he inherited my inability to keep a garden so the carpet grass died. In the end, we cemented the whole area and turned it into a double volume car porch!

But with this garden, I am determined to make it pretty and neat. I dream of flowers blooming and envisage Aiden running around or kicking a ball in the garden. So nowadays, every afternoon, I would make it a point to venture into the garden, water the plants and pick out the rare weeds. And surprisingly, it is an activity that Aiden really enjoys too!

And check out our completed garden (phase 1 at the very least)!

Look at him, my junior gardener.

A close up. Watering pot courtesy of Ikea.

Watering the plants within my favourite corner.

Nasib baik Bibik sanggup melayan isi air in the watering pot every few minutes...

The area in front of the shrubs is still patchy. I'm hoping that the grass will grow sekata in that area despite the excess soil.

Sometimes, instead of watering the plants, he ends up watering the drain. Layan jer la.

Macammane air tak habis cepat, he simply tilts the water pot upside down and all the water comes raining down!

Oh, no!

Walking in tip toe towards Bibik to ask for a new fill of water.

And with the carpet grass, comes a lot of ulat gonggok! In which Aiden will then say "Eeeeeee..." (exaggerated, of course) and sometimes he even steps and squashes the poor thing!

Of course, after every trip into the garden he will end up being soaked from head to toe and therefore Bibik will bring him up to his room for his evening shower. But today, fresh from the shower, we found him playing with the neighbourhood cat pulak!

Aiden restraining the cat by holding its two front paws. Salute, he's definitely not scared of the four legged feline!

He even tried to pick up the cat! Obviously takes after his Mummy, a cat lover.

Needless to say, he needed another shower after that just to clean him up!


  1. oh my god!! A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E!!!! I wish my little one suke gardening... however.. she is one hell of a puteri lilin k.. BIG time.. hahaha..

  2. Heheheh thanks! Farissa puteri lilin eh? Girly girl la tuh... Takpe nanti pindah sure Farissa pun excited nak gardening ;)


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