Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Front Window

I'm in Singapore yet again. This time visiting a pipelay vessel on anchorage about 2 hours boat ride from the Singapore Harbour Front. Yesterday, as I was boarding the plane to Singapore, I remembered a funny story which happened back in 2005.

It was my first time travelling on a company trip. I was going to visit a refinery in the Phillipines. I have been on numerous flights with my family, mind you, but this was my first trip on my own (not counting the trips I had when I was younger as a Young Passenger Travelling Alone - YPTA, between KL and Ipoh). And my first time filling in a travel request form.

I love window seats. Not just because of the scenery but because I can use the window to support my head (to sleep). But I also like being in the front so that I can be one of the first passengers out of the airplane and not be stuck in a long line at immigration.

So at seat preference, I wrote: Front Window.

When the form got to my Boss he roared with laughter and asked me, "Oh so you want to sit with the pilot and look out of his front window?"

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