Thursday, December 3, 2009

How I Celebrated My 27th Birthday

My Dad and I, we share the same birthday. 29th November. Okay, my Mum sort of cheated. The doctor gave her the option of picking a date for her caesarian, so of course my Mum picked a date that meant something to the family.

There are pros and cons on sharing a birth date with my Dad. The pro is – nobody dares to forget your birthday. If anyone in the family forgets my birthday, it would equal forgetting Papa’s birthday. The con – this year my Dad celebrates his Platinum 75th birthday in grand style and completely forgets about my 27th birthday. Uurrgghh!

I am an only child. But my family is huge. If you are close to me, you'll know the whole story about my dysfunctional family. If you don't - let's not go there! So, ehem ehem - less talk, enjoy the pictures!

Papa celebrated his 75th birthday by inviting nearly the whole of Ipoh. I am not kidding.

Even my wedding did not accomodate 82 tables okay?

The theme of the night. Malam Bertaut Kasih. Sounds like something that just came out of Cerekerama. *grin* This is the paperbag. The door gift is a mug with my Dad's picture on it. Now... why would anyone want to drink out of a mug and be reminded of my Dad? Hmmm..

The above mentioned mug.

Everyone working for the event had T-shirts made for them. Even all my siblings had to don this in the morning before the event. Even Aiden had one made for him, but it was a tad too big.

Papa's whole life story in pictures.

The array of pictures greets all attendees as they walk through the ballroom doors.

The beautiful stage!

I love the cake! But my friend said it looked like a bantal. Haha!

Us with my sister Awien and her fiance'. Notice that I permed my hair? Woohoo... but of course, that night's hair was salon styled with probably half a can of hair spray.

This boy isn't Aiden. This is Danish. Khai and Rosma's adorable pipi labuh sweetie. While his parents performed, he would sit quietly in anyone's arms. I think he is used to it! Unfortunately, no pictures of his parents performing though.

Matching french lace okay! Don't know how many papan Papa bought for the event!

The theme was Platinum grey. In the middle, is my 75 year old Papa.

My brother, Boy Boy with his girlfriend. Matching in grey as well!

Hubby looks a bit short cos I was wearing 3 inch heels.

This is my sister. We sort of share the same name ;)

Even Aiden has a matching baju batik! His first ever baju batik!!!
Aiden showing off his baju batik. The sleeves were too long, but still adorable!

Aiden melentok...

This is the tailor who made Aiden's baju batik. According to him it was his first time making one for an infant!

Each first born in the family had to make a speech about Papa. Guess what my topic was about? Politics! Like I know much about Papa's life long journey in politics...

Papa cutting the cake. Unfortunately, you cannot see him. Hubby la nie, angle tak cantik! Iskh...

Guest of honour was Raja Dihilir Perak. He attended my wedding as well. Very nice guy (can't believe i'm calling royalty - guy!). Lovely wife. Both very down to earth.

Sharifah Aini performed for the night. Jamal Abdillah performed as well, but did not find the time to snap pictures.

Finally, a picture of both of us!

TV3 covered the event.

And interviewed each and every one of us.

Posing after the event was over and done with.

This is a singer from Medan. My Dad loves to bring singers from Medan to perform at his events. This same singer performed at my wedding as well.

Papa posing with the boys in the family.

The girls in the family.

This was sharp at 12am, 29th November. The whole family sang Happy Birthday to us. This was when they FINALLY mentioned my birthday. Sheesh... terasa!

This is my tom-boyish sister. Does not look tom-boyish at all!

The organizing committee! Same people who did the ground work during my wedding. A job well done!

Aiden, deliriously happy that the event was over.

Last stop of the day, Sharifah Aini's room for pictures. Aiden melompat in her arms sampai nyaris londeh seluar.

Maybe in another 20 years, this picture will be a historical piece. Like Michael Jackson? Hahaha what say you?


  1. happy belated birthday lizz
    may allah always bless you & may all your wish will come true.
    aiden looked very handsome when he wearing baju batik :)


  2. Hi Izza, thanks for the wish, and for reading this entry! ;) Aiden punya baju tuh besar sikit for him, boleh la pakai lama sikit...

  3. Happy belated birthday liz :-)

  4. Thanks eynda ;) I feel old ;P


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