Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Happy 7th Anniversary with Durian and Crabs!

Nope! We did not celebrate our anniversary with a romantic getaway or even a quiet dinner. On the contrary, we celebrated it with the craziest and loudest bunch of people you could ever place together on the same table.

In a nutshell, we consumed a total of 8.5 kati Fatty Crabs, two large orders of fried rice, five sets of roti bakar, two kilograms of musang king and a buffet of durians. The people we celebrated with? My sister and my brother, my (only) eldest brother who had just arrived from San Francisco and Abang Ramli.

The last time my eldest brother was here, we had dinner at the same place and then retired to Abang Ramli's room post dinner. This time around, we did the same thing but decided to add a durian buffet in the itinerary.
Posing with a crab leg and my sister Awien, who claims she's the #1 fan of this blog of mine!
My sister, my brother and I arrived first and thus had devoured the first order of 3 kati pedas crabs and 1.5 kati kurang pedas crabs. My eldest brother and Abang Ramli were running late as there was a bit of a hiccup back at Abang Ramli's house. As soon as they confirmed that they were on the way, we ordered a new order of 4 kati and that too was devoured by them as soon as they arrived and sat down. Aiden enjoyed the food too - he had 4 helpings of his favourite Fatty Crab fried rice!

My eldest brother on the far left. Too absorbed with cracking the crabs open.
I wonder, what was Abang Ramli so happy about??!!

The massacre afterwards.
We wanted a group photo but instead of focusing on the camera, the boys really only wanted to focus on eating.

Excuse my outfit, I came straight from the engagement event in Kuantan.
Really, I was wearing the most unpractical outfit ever for a crab and durian eating affair. I wore a kaftan top with a slightly longer piece in the front. And did I mention that it rained while we were having durians? By the end of the dinner, my kaftan ends had swiped clean the toilet floor of Fatty Crab and dipped into a small drain by the roadside near the durian buffet place.

After crabs, we had durians next! We went to one of the durian buffet stalls in SS2, and started with Musang King. I have to admit, I didn't really enjoy the Musang King. Not worth the money we paid for. Then we decided to have the buffet, it was either RM15 each (for D24 durians) or RM9 (probably for crappy durian). In the end, we all settled for the RM9 buffet. Throughout the buffet, the stallkeeper just couldn't keep up with the amount we were consuming. We had to call him a couple of times to remind him to replenish the durians on our table. Some of the durians were good, some were bad. The bad ones we immediately binned, dah nama buffet! Poor Hubby who chose a seat at the end of the table, was constantly forgotten as most of the durian action was happening close to where my sister and I were sitting. He had to constantly remind us to pass the durian down the table... sorry Hubby!!!

Musang King! Abang Ramli was lamenting about the quality of the durians and how we should have gone to some dusun durian near Dengkil for better quality durians.

Model buffet durian RM9.

Brothers bonding over durian.

Even Aiden joined in the fun! That's Aiden sipping coconut juice.
So that was how we celebrated our 7th anniversary. It was certainly a memorable one. And it certainly makes me appreciate Hubby even more because only he can put up with my crazy food antics and durian cravings, despite just driving KL-Kuantan-KL and book shopping just that morning. I love you, Sayang!

Aiden's present all the way from Silicon Valley, courtesy of my eldest brother who works with Yahoo!

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