Friday, November 14, 2014

Aiden's Bad Bruise and Kedai Nasi JJ Kak Wok

Wow - this Kedai Nasi JJ Kak Wok is literally 6.7km away (I used Waze) from my house - and I never knew about it's existence?

Anyway, before I venture into my food review, let me start with Aiden's bad bruise.

I had a really bad pounding migraine yesterday - it was a really bad one that even medication couldn't seem to ease. (You must be thinking, where the heck is Liz heading with this story.) Anyway, I woke up with a heavy head and decided to call in sick. I remember thinking earlier this morning - why was I experiencing such a bad migraine? Usually, no matter how bad my migraines get, they go away after panadol and sleep.

Apparently, everything happens for a reason (ada hikmah di sebalik setiap kejadian)... I was still in my pyjamas lazing around melayan my heavy head when I received a call from Aiden's teacher at about 11-ish am. Since she has never ever called me during school hours, I was a tad worried but I brushed away my anxiety and picked up her call. True to my mother's instinct, she called with some bad news.

In a rush to get to computer class, Aiden fell down the stairs. He had a big bruise and a skinned lower calf. They placed an icepack to reduce the bruising but he continued crying uncontrollably. So the school decided to inform me.

Oh my, for lack of better words - berderau darah when I heard that he fell down the stairs. Because the stairs near his classroom is quite steep! I immediately showered, got myself ready and drove to school. Alhamdulillah, when I arrived he had stopped crying. When he saw me, he wobbled to me (phewww he can walk!), pouted and wanted to cry but as soon as he saw his little brother (I brought Ian along), he brightened up and excitedly introduced Ian to his classmates.

The bruise. Ouch, I can only imagine the drama that is going to ensue during bathtime!

The steep staircase. Thank goodness he fell at the staircase landing (instead of rolling all the way to the bottom)! 

Since it was close to lunchtime, I decided to join a fellow neighbour for lunch. She wanted to have lunch at Kedai Nasi JJ Kak Wok, and since I was running late with the drama at school, she took my order in advance.

The first thing that I saw when I arrived, was the queue! There was a longggggg queue which actually spilled over outside the restaurant - and it wasn't even 1pm! No wonder my neighbour pre-ordered my meal!

Kedai Nasi JJ Kak Wok, Shah Alam branch.

Check out the queue behind Aiden. 

What is Nasi Kak Wok you ask? It is a simple rice dish - white rice, chicken curry (the Kak Wok special!), fried chicken and sambal belacan. And that is all they sell, meaning that the long queue of people were essentially queuing to order the same thing. Also, no such thing as order and sit. You queue up, order, pay, sit and eat (in that order)!

Looks simple? But it was soooo good. 

When I opened my pack (they don't even use plates here!!) I was stupefied with the simple dish that greeted me. But it was sooooo good. Not kidding you. The curry went very well with the dish, the crispy fried chicken complimented the meal with an extra crunch while the sambal belacan provided a subtle hot kick. *waves goodbye to my diet*

Long queue continues!

Self service. At time of writing, the price for a meal of Nasi Kak Wok is RM4.50. Down right affordable, no?

Apparently Nasi Kak Wok originated from Kelantan and is very famous back in that hometown of mine. No wonder lah it suited my taste buds so well! The Nasi Kak Wok Kelantan branch is located behind Zainab School (my mum's alma mater!) at Jalan Telipot, Kota Bharu.

Clean up after you eat!

If you are on the hunt for a simple meal that packs a punch, head over to Kedai Nasi JJ Kak Wok in TTDI Jaya. My tip, get there early or be prepared to be in a long queue. 

Kedai Nasi JJ Kak Wok
No. 50, Jalan Opera J U2/J, Shah Alam, Selangor 
T: +6 012-685 7674
IG: kedai_nasi_jj_kak_wok

Open 830am - 830pm Sat-Thur, 830am - 6pm Fri.
Price: RM4.50 per plate.


  1. nasty bruise!! but he's such a champ siap senyum tuh. i normally put the angel baby balm on bruises n bites. cepat heal. anywayyyy that nasi kak wok looks really good!! im so putting this on my list of what to eat during our xmas break.

    1. Alhamdulillah he was able to smile and all by the time I arrived, but before that the teacher said all drama lah kan. Haha ah well he obviously took after me hehehe. Thanks for the tip Juju, I will certainly try that out. As for the Kak Wok, don't blame me if it destroys your diet but please go go go try hehehehe


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