Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Aiden's First Real Swim!

Aiden is the epitome of aqua phobia - it used to be a running joke at his kindy that he was one of the few who would go for swim classes but come out of the pool with his hair still dry!

We've tried everything. From coaxing him to even near drowning him (just kidding)! Hubby used to get so exasperated with Aiden's water phobia that he would simply drag Aiden kicking and screaming into the swimming pool.

Recently we saw a slight improvement - he agreed to blow bubbles underwater for short durations. He was also willing to go into the deeper end of the pool, clinging on to us for dear life, of course. However, whenever we tried to enroll him in a swimming class, he would frantically disagree, pleading for us not to force him to swim.

Until just early this month, a friend of his enrolled for swimming classes at our local clubhouse pool. I offered for Aiden to join his friend at the said class, and surprisingly he agreed! I was so surprised! I then sent him for his first trial class and was impressed that he could follow instructions and all. (I think he also wanted to 'show off' to his friend! *chuckles*) I signed him up for classes on the spot that day! We took him out shopping for a new swim suit and new goggles to get him motivated to continue. Since then he has attended two more classes, and here is his progress from just last week:

Amazing right? Yes of course, it was filmed at the kiddy pool and all, but the fact that he dared to put his head and full body, gliding underwater for over three strokes, is just too awesome to believe! He claims that he can do the same at the big pool, I guess I simply have to wait for his next class to get a video of that one. Can't wait!

Well done Aiden! We are sooooo proud of you!


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