Friday, February 19, 2016

Before and After

Hi everyone, sorry for the short silence. I have been slightly under the weather, and adjusting to the 'back to school' phase with Aiden.

For starters, he will undergo his first big boy school exams in merely 10 days. And I've been pulling my hair teaching him Bahasa Malaysia, of all things. He's also struggling with Mathematics in Malay; if it is merely numbers he can cope no problem. But if it is the long winded tok nenek stories in Malay, about si polan having two marbles and another polan giving him another two so how much will he have yada yada yada... Well it's simply 'lost in translation'!!

He missed his best friends over the school holidays, so much so that wrote their names on his pencil box!

Just a few days back I lost my temper at him, cos he didn't understand the meaning of 'sebelum', 'selepas' and 'di antara'. (Apakah nombor sebelum 5?) These are all 'formal' malay vocab that he obviously hasn't mastered. I even tried teaching him, "There is a B in the spelling of sebelum, therefore it means  Before", but he just couldn't get it. Needless to say, he got quite an earful from me that day. I said some nasty things too, which I'm not proud of. In the first place, it's not his fault kan? It's mine for not conversing to him much in Malay. I mean, if I learnt what before, after and between were in French, do you think I would be able to remember it in just one sitting? To him, Malay is simply like French for me! *sigh*

Look at how my son crosses the road. Sempat gossip lagi!

Sometimes I wonder whether I send him to school for sports, or for learning. His teacher requested for everyone to be dressed in sports wear every day of the week. Since tak sempat nak basuh baju, I had to dress him up in any white t-shirt I could find, and seluar tido

On a lighter note, I've been sleep training Ian these past few days. We started last Monday - we told him he had to sleep with his "Babang" (on the mattress on the floor just beside our bed). The thing about Ian is, he listens to instructions. So whenever he tried to climb our bed, all I needed to do was give him a firm "No, Ian! Sleep with Babang!" and he would climb back down and lie beside his brother. The first night he cried for a bit but I sent Hubby to calm him down (tepuk from our bed but not join him on the mattress) and he finally slept. The second night I guess he was quite tired so he went to sleep no problem. I thought I was home free then! However the third night was a repetition of the first night. He bawled his eyes out and I sent Hubby again. It worked for a few hours but then he woke up again crying. It's like dia tak tido nyenyak, he was restless all night and easily disturbed by any sudden sounds and such. Usually he would sleep until 10ish but since we started this sleep training, he would be wide awake by the time we take our morning shower to get to work.

Anyway, as I am writing this, we are on our 4th try. Surprisingly when we said our good nights, he obligingly climbed my bed to give me a big hug then obediently climbed down to take his place beside his brother!!! *super impressed*

Let's pray hard that this sticks. I can't wait to reclaim my full space on my bed!!!!

Have a good weekend everyone!

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