Thursday, February 11, 2016

Chanel at 31, Rue Cambon

To be frank, 31, Rue Cambon was certainly not as what I had imagined. I was so used to the busy and massive Chanel boutiques in KL......... and 31, Rue Cambon was tiny if compared to that! And just my luck, there wasn't even a queue to go in. Since I was expecting to find an establishment with a long line outside, I actually walked the length of the street a couple of times, as I couldn't find the boutique.

Nevertheless, I was enthralled as soon as I walked into the Chanel mothership. The whole concept of having a boutique within such a historical address is simply remarkable. There was undeniably a certain allure and aura to it. I guess it even charmed Hubby as he said, "Yang, I don't know what it is, but you've got to get something from here."

*jaw drop*

It takes a lot for Hubby to say something as powerful as that. Who am I to violate such an instruction??!! *chuckles*

The boutique wasn't that crowded. All of the Sales Advisors (SA) were friendly; whenever we stumbled upon one they would say hello, but never once did they ask "Can I help you?" or anything similar that would make you feel pressured to inquire or buy. They were not pushy nor patronizing either. I felt so comfortable just browsing around.

They had iPad on coffee tables strategically placed all around the boutique. It showed their latest collection, but it doesn't show the availability, therefore you have to ask if the item you want is available in-store. Hubby and I really made ourselves at home on the couch, flicking through the virtual pages. The staff barely bat an eye!

Ogling over a WOC.

On the other hand, my eyes were set on a beautiful copper coloured WOC on the iPad catalogue but unfortunately they had none left worldwide (other than one last piece in Dubai). Hence I decided to just tell the SA what I was looking for. "I'm looking for an iconic medium caviar in gold, silver or beige." She answered that she had nothing in caviar (they sold out!), but she told me that she will pick out a few beautiful pieces for me to look at.

While she was away looking for the bags, I slyly commented to Hubby. "If there are no caviar bags, I'm not going to get anything." Hah... easier said than done. She came back with some bags. I remember watching her walk to us and me exclaiming excitedly to Hubby, "She's holding a few bags and I see a gold one... Oh no...... it's beautiful!!!"

The bag I had fallen in love with, wasn't in caviar but rather in calf leather. Although a classic, the design is part of the 2015 Cruise collection. The metallic exterior was perforated with the classic quilted diamond pattern, and pixelated in a similar texture as the caviar. Usually handbags in gold are too flashy and sometimes gaudy, but despite the all gold exterior and gold hardware, this one was soooo classy! *drool*

Goodbye money, hello instant noodles.

This style actually came in two colours, gold and silver. Initially, I was quite confused between the two, I even asked Hubby to take photos of me with the bag. Although it is quite a well known fact that you are not allowed to take photos within the boutique, my SA was kind enough to just tell us very nicely, "Please be careful, we usually don't allow pictures in here" and Hubby, always the goody two shoes, immediately kept the camera away. *smacks forehead* Kalau yer pun, amik lah gambar satu dulu sebelum simpan. *sigh*

After parading both bags in front of the mirror, we both agreed that the silver was more of a darker shade hence too similar to my black Jumbo caviar. I was then left with the gold. Then I had some reservations about buying such a flashy handbag, but at the end of the day I told myself, it's all about how you pull it off with confidence. Kan?

While we were waiting for the paperwork and for my purchase to be packed, the SA served us some orange juice and offered to help us with anything else we wanted to see. Since she was so nice, I requested to see their latest Mini and WOCs. Despite knowing that I wasn't going to splurge on anything else, she was very accommodating and took the time to show us around. Never once did I felt rushed! Seriously superb service, I would definitely return in a heartbeat.

But the pinnacle of the entire experience was when she offered to take a photo of us at the Coco Chanel famed staircase. This historical staircase leads to Mademoiselle Chanel's apartment. I was so excited, it was simply the perfect ending to my Chanel dream.

This picture is a testament, that dreams do come true.

Thank you Hubby, for spoiling me and being so patient throughout the time we were in the boutique.

A selfie with the famous Coco Chanel.

The boutique, nestled in the quieter side of the street.

Camouflaged my packaging in plain white plastic bag. Returned to the hotel with a giddy feeling and the biggest smile plastered across my face!

Anyway, enough words. Let's get to the unboxing video and some photos of my new baby. (I made poor Hubby sit outside at our room balcony in the cold Swiss subzero temperatures while I recorded this video. *giggles*)

The famous white paper bag and white box - only available at 31, Rue Cambon. The box wrapping was a work of art in itself!

Posed the bag with the Eiffel Tower replica that we bought outside Musee de Lourve.

Gold leather interwoven with gold chain hardware.

The interlocking CC in gold hardware.


  1. Love it! Perfect choice for your birthday present. I'm so jealous...And no, it's not gaudy at all lah...I love gold

    1. Yeay! At least someone doesn't think an all gold bag is gaudy ;)

  2. Arrghh cantiknya!! Lucky u..i tumpang happy

  3. Nice! It's can never be gaudy. :)

    I'm new to your blog. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

    In the meantime, please feel free to drop by and read my blog at

    1. Hi, welcome to my blog, thanks for reading and leaving a comment. I've added your blog to my blogroll list ;)

  4. so glam! Perfect start to the year! Anyway can u share how much is the woc retails now?

    1. Definitely a perfect start to the year ;) I think the WOC retails between 1500-1800 euros, depending on the design. I'm still thinking about that copper WOC! *gasp*

  5. Pengsan!!! So in love with this piece and so so so jealous!! I want one too!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hehehehe babe before you pengsan, go get one!!! And you can do an unboxing too! ;)

  6. omg chanteknyaaa bag! i know i wont be able to afford any of chanel bag but we never know right? mana lah tauuu one day tercapai plak impian :D
    i love your entries about your kids, ur bags keep on updating okay!
    have a good day :D

    1. InsyaAllah... I will doakan your impian tercapai in the future. Aminnnnnnnnn.
      Thanks for reading ;)


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