Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Since we settled down in our home in Cahaya SPK, this blog hasn't seen much house porn. And by that, I mean tasteful home styling done by professional IDs and inspiration for interior decorations.

A friend recently invited us to her housing area, specifically to visit the show unit. Since we had the afternoon available, I immediately agreed. Firstly, I could get Aiden out of my hair by allowing him to spend his energy with a school friend. And secondly, its been a while since I've seen a show house, and it'll be a chance to check out the latest trend in interior designing. I've noticed recently that contemporary wainscoting seems to be a current favourite.

(Wainscoting is a form of wood paneling, generally favoured by those who love the English concept, but can also be used to provide a beautiful visual contrast and decorative accents for modern walls.)

Astelia Residences is located in Denai Alam. It is a collection of modern luxurious 2 storey and 3 storey bungalows in an award-winning township. Low density too, only 46 units. The bungalows had so many windows (curtains would definitely cost a bomb!) hence it was not easy to take decent photos with all the sunlight pouring in. Check out the photos below; we started exploring the second storey first, hence the many pictures of the master bedroom and the lovely family hall.

Major love for my man, hence the heart! *giggles* Wainscoting makes the family living hall look so cosy without compromising the modern feel of it.

View of the family hall from the third storey staircase. Notice the double volume space on the right? Well, that's the ground floor living hall! *drool*

More wainscoting. So pretty, kan?

The master bedroom. Love the mirrored night stand and matching lamps.

Don't think my dressing table can ever look this neat!

Wainscoting in combination with black and white frames and the simple TV panel. Minimal but so pleasing to the eyes.

The walk in closet and master bathroom. If it was up to me, I would probably need a bigger wardrobe space! *tepuk dahi*

The first bedroom. Since this was decorated in pink, we naturally called it the girl's room. Funny enough, this room had a balcony so imagine what thought came to mind? My future daughter's boyfriend climbing up the balcony! *aaaccckkkk*

The second bedroom. Both bedrooms came with a pre-erected wall which segregates the wardrobe area from the bedroom.

The third storey family hall, or you can turn this into an open concept bedroom too.

The third storey also has an outdoor area. Unfortunately there are no bathrooms or even plumbings on this floor, so organizing a barbeque at the top floor is probably going to be a bit messy! *grin*

The living hall. Love the super high ceiling! (How will they clean the windows??) More wainscoting at the entrance, but I didn't manage to get a picture of it.

Very spacious dining area.

The dry kitchen, including an island (not in picture). No pictures of the wet kitchen, utility room and laundry area though.

Guest bedroom.

Quirky idea, but I love it. Shelving that also acts as a door for the storage space under the staircase. On the left is the entrance to the powder room.

Just a short side note. There was also another couple viewing the house as well. As I was chatting with my friend, Ian went running to the couple's daughter and I tried to stop Ian from crashing into her. During this short intertwining of time, the wife of the said couple asked me "Mana abang dia?". Since Aiden was no where in sight (I had left him earlier at my friend's house), I struggled with how she knew that Ian had a big brother. My mind whirred fast, as I quickly went through the various options in my head. "Does she read my blog? Is she a long lost friend whom I did not recognize? Is he Hubby's friend? Or is she probably the salesperson and Hubby had explained that we had two kids?" *giggles* Well I guess my mind did not work fast enough as I could only offer a feeble response, "Abang dia dekat rumah sebelah..." *chuckles* Man... I soooo need to work on my quick comebacks for situations like these!

Unfortunately, the said conversation stayed in my mind the whole afternoon. I regretted not asking her more. So if she is indeed a reader of this blog, I apologize for not continuing the conversation. (Heh I'm actually going on a limb here. For all you know she isn't a reader but instead figured out herself that we had two kids, so I'm probably shooting myself in the foot now.) But, it's so liberating to get it off my chest and writing it down here. Phewwww!

Anyway, if you have any tips for DIY wainscoting or know of a contractor who can do the same for a good price, do email me! Or leave a comment on this blog or at my IG, lizyahaya. Thanks in advance! Till then, I'm going to continue surfing for more wood paneling ideas.


  1. check out houseofchesterfield on instagram
    they do wainscoting a lot!

    1. Waaahhh thanks a lot! I just followed them on IG. Drooling on the pictures now ;)

  2. yeah was about to suggest my friend's IG as well @houseofchesterfield :)

  3. Hello Liz, did you manage to do the wainscoting? I'm keen to do but worried about the costs..

    1. Hi, yes I did! DIY too! Will make a separate post on this ;)

    2. please do share with me both of u...Thanks in advance. sha_sazali@yahoo.com

    3. Shaz, I blogged about my DIY wainscoting here:

  4. Well done Liz! I can't wait to see your DIY work. It did occur to me to DIY but hubby was reluctant. I guess we will DIY if the costs is too expensive..

    1. Haha, on the contrary, my husband was the one who was excited about DIY-ing it. If it was up to me I'll probably call someone to do it :P
      Anyway, my post on wainscoting is ready. Should be up right after I'm done with blogging about being offshore ;)

    2. It's called- Budget Wainscoting by Wallmaster. They are online co, check out Facebook and selling 10feet wainscoting for RM400. Apparently they can also customize the wainscoting. I'm planning to try next year when we are back from Rome.

    3. Thank you for the tip! Will check them out ;) How long have you been in Rome? We were in Rome last year for our 10th anniversary honeymoon. We loved it so much, we went to the Colosseum twice.

  5. Liz..there is this company who offers budget wainscoting in Malaysia. RM350 OR RM400 package. Check them out! Ps- will try it next year when we are back from Rome

    1. Can you share the name of the company that offers the budget wainscoting you mentioned above? Thanks in advance! ;)

    2. Can u share the contracor name? Thanks! :)

  6. What a beautiful house you have Lizzie.. lucky you


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