Monday, February 1, 2016

Adsense Cheque

Call me outdated, but truthfully this is my first time receiving a cheque payout from any kind of advertising mechanisms on my blog. Like I said, I blog to document milestones, not necessarily to earn.

Which was why, when Adsense told me to choose an option for advertising payouts (heck, I didn't even know I had reached the payment threshold), I simply chose a method that (I thought) was familiar to me - cheques! Unfortunately, it turned out to be not as convenient as I thought.

I found out the hard way, that international cheques can only be cashed at the bank where you opened your account. Since I opened my bank account back when I was doing my university internship with SMART (yes yes the SMART tunnel that you use to get to work :p), my home branch is now all the way in Cheras! Not only that, the bank takes a cut from the cheque value and you have to wait for a few months for the cheque to clear. That is simply madness! *sigh* I was so hoping to take advantage of the high USD currency rate with this cheque. *double sigh*

Anyway as a consolation, at least there is picture proof of my first blog advertising payout. Which I can use to show off to Hubby ("See Sayang, blogging pays!" *giggles*) and of course, a photo for this blogpost. So here goes. A picture of the cheque which the bank will get a cut from and then deposit into my account about two months later *sarcasm*

Hence, take my advise. Choose Western Union Quick Cash or even wire transfer to bank, for cashing out your Adsense payouts. You get cash instantaneously, on the spot too.

Here's hoping you'll learn from my mistake!

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