Thursday, June 23, 2016

Officially Maid-less

And..... We are officially maid-less!

We left for the airport just after sahur yesterday as her flight was at 9am. I barely slept the night before; must have been the nervous butterflies of not having hired help around the house anymore.

Things didn't go as smoothly as what we planned. As we queued for baggage drop off, I suddenly realized that I had forgot to print the itinerary for her return. Since she was going home for 3 weeks, I couldn't check her in in advance, so she would need the itinerary to help her return check in at the counter. Upon arrival at the baggage drop off counter, I was told that the luggage tag I printed out was too small (I printed on A4)! Not only that, the flight was retimed to 1145am! Just to add salt to the wound, baggage drop off was only accepted 3 hours before the flight time so they could only issue the boarding pass but refused to take the bag. Hence at 7am we were milling around KLIA2 looking for a sweet spot to continue our doze with a huge 20kg luggage in tow.

Unlike Hubby who can sleep just about anywhere, I am not one to sleep in public. So I did some window shopping instead. H&M and Uniqlo were a lifesaver! I found printing service at Plaza Premium Lounge to print the said itinerary and sharp at 845am I was back in queue for baggage drop off. Thankfully we were not charged for new luggage tags.

We eventually woke Ian up (he was asleep the whole time) so that he could say goodbye properly to his "Kakak". Ian and her are practically inseparable as she has taken care of Ian since he was born. The last time she went home, she missed him immensely, and vice versa. So as expected, he wanted to follow her into the gate to go to the "ehyopane" (aeroplane). He refused to go with Hubby and even cheekily waved bye at us! *chuckles* In the end I had to coax him into my arms. He managed to put on a brave face, but at some instances he looked like he was about to bawl into tears!

Cheeky boy waving goodbye!

Ian didn't want to let go of his beloved Kakak.

The two boys still in their pajamas.

By the time we left KLIA2, it was past 10am so we decided to drop by Mitsui Outlet Park. Thank goodness Hubby and I wore decent clothes. The kids on the other hand were still looking slightly disheveled in their pajamas and all. Maklumlah, angkat dari katil terus masuk kereta. Nasib baik tak bertembung with anyone we know. We got some pretty good deals at Mitsui - 3 pairs of Crocs (any design) for RM200 and 2 pairs of clearance Clarks shoes for RM90 each. Incidentally I was wearing a pair of Clarks loafers that I recently bought at the Clarks warehouse sale for (an undisclosed amount of) RMXXX. Imagine my frustration when it appeared on the clearance rack too!!! Grrrrrrr... The Polo Ralph Lauren outlet was good too, but since we had just bought some at the PRL store in KLCC, we decided to give it a miss.

Anyway, here's to Day 1 of being maid-less. One down, 20 days to go!!! Wish me luck!


  1. bibik mau balik raya ya..huhuu

  2. hahaaaa.high five and best of luck!!

    1. Hahaha are you going through a maid-less phase too? Thanks for the good luck wish. I really needed it! ;)


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