Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Pepperoni Pizza

*I wrote this post last week but forgot to click on publish. So apologies for the yummy pizza photos! 

Poor Aiden. He was sick on medical leave throughout the last week before school holidays, hence technically he's been cooped up at home with an extra week of 'holiday' compared to his fellow classmates. No wonder this week he's been bouncing off the walls - too much bottled up energy but too little outdoor activities. Unfortunately, work has been really piling up at the office so both Hubby and I haven't been able to take any time off.

In an attempt to quash that guilt feeling deep in me, I left the office slightly early and made a pit stop at Jaya Grocer for some pepperoni. Our first school holiday activity - making homemade pepperoni pizza!

The ingredients for pepperoni pizza are quite basic, really. All you need is a ready made dough for the base, some kind of sauce, cheese and of course pepperoni (duh)! I added some chopped onions just to give it a slight flavor.

Here are the ingredients. Love the ready made dough. Bought this from a neighbour and using the dough I was able to make not just pizza, but bread too!

Although I prepared the ingredients, Aiden (and Ian!) made the whole thing without any assistance. Using his clean hands, he kneaded the dough and rolled it out into a circular shape. Using the back of a spoon, he spread a generous amount of Prego sauce, topped it with some onions and lots of cheese, and finally arranged the pepperoni on top. I specifically told him to overlay the pepperoni on top of each other as it will shrink when it is in the oven.

The tray was floured way too generously. But the kids really had fun using their hands to make the circular pizza base.

Spread Prego traditional sauce on top of the base.

Lots of cheese! 

Make sure you overlap the pepperoni. As per picture above, we merely placed the pepperoni close to each other. Not good enough, as it shrunk significantly. 

Next, put it in the oven for about 15mins (or until the base is well cooked). Serve while still warm. And don't regret the calories. *giggles*

See how the pepperoni shrunk in the oven?

Officiating my new KitchenAid pizza cutter.

The kiddos were super excited over their creation.

Aiden proclaimed that it was "the best pizza I've ever had". Ian? I was just happy that he agreed to give it a try.

One day of school holidays down. Several more to go. Any other simple school holiday activities that can be done at home? Trying hard to steer them both away from the iPad and tablet.... which is easier said than done, really.


  1. Salam Liz... just wondering if your neighbour sell the ready made dough? Tq..

    1. Wsalam, yes she does. Can you email me at lizyahaya@gmail.com so I can share with you the contact number? Thanks! ;)


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