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TRANSFORMERS Combiner Wars Menasor, and a TRANSFORMERS Robots-In-Disguise Hyperchange Heroes Giveaway by Hasbro Toy Malaysia!

Aiden is absolutely nuts about TRANSFORMERS. He loves everything about action heroes nowadays, so when Hasbro Toy Malaysia approached us for a toy review, specifically the TRANSFORMERS Combiner Wars (Menasor), Aiden enthusiastically agreed!

The TRANSFORMERS Stunticons are a group of ruthless cars within the Combiner Wars range. Using the Stunticons, you combine them together to form Menasor, a mighty Decepticon that strikes fear with Autobots everywhere!

Beaming excitedly with his gigantic box of TRANSFORMERS Combiner Wars!

If you're new to the world of Combiner Wars, this is a range where teams of Autobots and Decepticons can be merged to become Combiner figures that either protect or take control of Earth. There are different Combiner figure categories, namely the Autobots, Constructicons, Protectobots, Aerialbots (that form Superion) and our favorite (of course!), the Stunticons (that form Menasor).

Cheeky Ian couldn't wait to get his hands on the Stunticons!
The two siblings fighting over who gets first dibs on the best car.

The 6 Stunticons in the box were Blackjack, Motormaster, Breakdown, Dragstrip, Offroad and Deadend. Each standalone car can be turned into its own Decepticon robot with just a few simple steps and transformations. Or you can choose to transform and combine them to form Menasor – his body and limbs. Hence why there are two separate instructions within the box - one to change each car into a Bot, and the other to turn each car into a specific body part to form Menasor. There was also a giant poster in the box too, perhaps just in case Aiden needs a blown up version of Menasor for his bedroom wall. *giggles*

Menasor is the ultimate Decepticon weapon, and Megatron’s way of breaking the Autobot’s dominance on the road. Unfortunately, he has one flaw - he is prone to menacing fits of unfocused rage. This is evident from his facial expression!

Check out that intimidating stance. 

Although you would expect Menasor to be in darker shades to suit its Decepticon stature, the cars are actually bold and vivid in colour. Each Stunticon Bot is very sturdy but easily transformed even with small hands. There will be a “joint” to combine each Bot to form Menasor. This concept also comes with articulation that you are able to pose the Combiner Bot in whichever way you fancy. You can choose to either make it stand straightened or model it with the torso slightly slanted to pose it in “battle mode”. Given the impressive height of the completed Menasor (it is quite tall!) you will have to work with the legs quite a bit for stability.

Bright vivid colours.
Another great thing in the package is the firepower; a giant sword, four other weapons and a cool chest plate. For the boys, the more weapons the toy has, the better! Remarkable detailing can be seen on each part of the robot. The finishing is pretty decent too!

Menasor's imposing chest.

In a nut shell, it was a great family experience to work together to transform each Stunticon Bot into the combiner mode. It provided hours of fun, both in its individual form and the combined figure. Aiden even turned it into a race, to see who could convert a vehicle into a robot the fastest, and vice versa. As for Ian, he was more than happy to just zoom and whoosh each car on the dining table!

Given the price tag, the glowing reviews available on the internet and the availability of a secondary market for preloved Combiners, this is definitely a collector’s item that is well worth your money. Well, if you’re into TRANSFORMERS, that is!

The happy TRANSFORMERS fan.

Now for the exciting bit! The generous folks at Hasbro Toy Malaysia are giving you the chance to experience this cool TRANSFORMERS series for yourself. With the TRANSFORMERS Robots-In-Disguise Hyperchange Heroes, you only need to perform 3 simple steps for a seamless sequence from robot to vehicle. Similarly, to win a TRANSFORMERS Hyperchange Heroes worth RM119.90, all you have to do is perform these 3 simple steps:

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Disclosure: I received a free product for review purposes. I did not receive any monetary compensation. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product. This giveaway is sponsored by Hasbro Toy (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. The winner will have to disclose his/her contact details for prize fulfillment. Lizzieasamummy is not responsible for prize shipment.


  1. WOW! best kalau dpt hadiah ni...anyway 1st time commenting here.... selamat berpuasa Liz..

    @ayusolo / farra ena

  2. Subhanallah aiden and ian are so lucky Lizz... Hopefully shauqi and shazen too... Hehehe

  3. I want to win! Pretty please.

    IG: iamekazakaria
    FB: siti zalikha zakaria

  4. Bestnya.. Zarif pun suka sgt transformers!
    Senyum lebo aiden ye.. Hehe..

  5. wow..this is awesome..kalau dpt kat may son,confirm tak keluar rumah
    dia memang fanatik wif Transfomers..aiden & ian ur so lucky boyyyyy

  6. Hi Liz, selamat berpuasa. I've done all the above, yay! Here's hoping for a Transformer box for my son *crosses fingers and toes* BTW, if I am chosen, I'll PM you the names of my FB & IG accounts for you to check. Thanks luv!

    -Jade Harun-

  7. Hi! I have been following your blog for quite some time while i was searching for birthday party ideas for boys:)

    My 8-year old would be over the moon if he got the Transformers Hyperchange Heroes, he is an avid collector ever since he discovered a car could change into a robot (Wow :D). I always hear him having 'imaginary wars' using his Transformers.

    It would be great if I could win one for him!:)

    (instagram: thahira_b)

  8. Aqil would really love to have this TRANSFORMERS Hyperchange Heroes for his birthday gift which was yesterday. Mummy said Aqil can have his choice of toys with his 'duit puasa' but unfortunately his 'duit puasa' is not enough to buy this. Aqil promise to take a good care of his robot and sharing it with Afnan if he's chosen as a guardian to this awesome robot! Thank you aunty Liz!!

    ig : wawa_wahidawatie
    fb : wahida watie

  9. Hi liz, great review & lesson.. X tau ada species yg boleh combine2 ni if i dont read this blog. Zarif tgk yg aiden pegang tu and mata terus jadi bolat😳. Best gila kot! I said kalau nak, pls start saving your money cos it's not cheap!
    So auntie liz, pls let us win the freegift.. We all love u to the moon and back ! *wink*

  10. waahhh.. my son pun suka juga transformers ni! mesti dia super excited kalau dpt this cool yet colorful robot as a present :* cheers!


  11. Seronoknya kalau dapat nie...anak saya mmg suka sangat...harap-harap adalah rezeki kami...
    tq in advance...

  12. OMG!
    I've been thinking what shall i reward my son (Umar) and this will be perfect for him.
    Does the competition still on? I hope it is. Please please!
    Umar manage to puasa penuh (so far) tho his first time trying to puasa this year. Im so amazed by his determination and was thinking to reward him.
    I hope ada rezeki utk Umar!

    ig: aida148
    fb: Nurul Aida

    Thank you, Lizzie!


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