Thursday, June 30, 2016

Severely Ducked

Remember my first Duck in this post?

Well I haven't bought anymore since then. Despite Duck Scarves being all the rage nowadays, I thought spending hundreds on a piece of scarf was a bit ridiculous. Also, I felt that the scarf was too long, and I didn't know how to style the scarf to be able to show the duck in front.

Despite not buying any, I secretly admired them from afar. I really liked the Limited Editions (LE) Duck Scarves. My special favorite is the Blooming Rose in Pink.

Fast forward to just last week, I had Iftar with my BBGS gang and one of them was wearing my favorite. It was my first time seeing one up close and personal. And I knew I just had to have it.

Easier said than done, really! The Blooming Pink Rose is a favorite for many, and almost everyone is wiling to pay big money for it. Every time one appears on the #duckscarvestoletgo Instagram, it magically disappears in seconds. And I'm not exaggerating; just two days ago I texted an offer barely three minutes after the sale ad was made, and it was already sold. Second option, is to swap with another equally sought for scarf; which is a bit tough for me cos I have none! Third option is to buy it as a combo, which means someone will ask you to buy some other scarf (or bag!) together as one price. Quite pricey, and also really dependent on whether you like the combo. The final option is to of course, pay big bucks. One personal shopper wanted to charge me RM800 for it! (And a friend told me a Caramel Blurred Lines was sold for a bit more than RM1k recently.) Crazy!!!

So this is how I've been spending my last one week; refreshing #duckscarvestoletgo every few minutes. Again, not exaggerating. I do it while I'm waiting for the traffic light, in meetings, between chores, you get the gist. Just last Thursday I was at the Zara sale; I refreshed once before I entered the dressing room and again after leaving the dressing room, only to find out that I had lost an opportunity to purchase a KL City Duck in white.

(Yes yes, with all the time I've been spending on the Instagram, I've apparently managed to cultivate a manic need to get not just the Blooming Pink Rose but rather any/all scarves within the Blooming, KL City and Blurred Lines range.)

So here is the result of my one week Duck Battle. Don't bother asking me what I paid for it (in dignity and in cash)! It wasn't quite the happy ending for my bank account. #sorrykidsnoduitrayathisyear

  1. Blurred Lines Mint 
  2. Blooming Roses Pink
  3. Blooming Roses Black (x2, for future swap purposes *giggles*)
  4. Blooming Roses Red
  5. Blooming Orchid Lavender
  6. Blooming Orchid Blue
  7. Blooming Peonies White
  8. KL City in Black
  9. Songket Duck in Lavender
  10. Songket Duck in Green
  11. Songket Duck in Brown
  12. Songket Duck in Turquoise
  13. Mother's Day in Blue
  14. Premium Basic Rosewater
  15. Premium Basic Shadow
As you can see, I've found what I wanted... and more. But now I'm itching to complete my Blooming series with Orchid Pink, Peonies Pink and Peonies Yellow. Pray for me (and my bank account)! *giggles*

If you want any tips or advise on navigating through (and surviving) the #duckscarvestoletgo marketplace, drop me an email and I'll try my utmost best to help.


  1. Ya Allah babe!!! hebattt hahaha...i nak beli satu pon pikir berjuta kali :p now awaiting my green songket. i am praying hard for your bank account!

    1. Babeeeee please pray hard for my bank account. Dah tenat sangat dah nie. #shopaholicwoes
      Did you manage to get your green songket? ;)

  2. Hi Liz, 1st time comment, one of your silent reader
    I sangat kagum ok..m still battling in finding my LE blooming roses tu, my favourite black n red roses..arghhh geramnya tgk those boxes..hahah, by any chance can sell me rose in black plssssss


    1. Hi Azura. I doakan you will manage to find your dream LEs. Roses in black tuh I masih simpan for future swaps. If you want to swap, email me ok ;)

  3. wow,u dpat Liz. what can i says.
    nak masuk web dia loading,last2 sold out..waawaaa

    1. Zie, tak larat woooo nak masuk website. Asyik crashhhhh jer. Better to go queue up. Harituh I tak queue pun, I went around 11am and there was no queue but masih banyak for sale. Rezeki I kut ;)

  4. What you say about the combo is totally true! I often love just one of it and the seller wont sell them as individual. Often the other one mesti warna dia tak best. Still hunting on Green Songket. Wish me luck!

    1. Yes true that... resellers sekarang pandai. They know the Blooming series will sell out fast so they combo with the ones that no one wants anymore hehehe. Good luck with the green songket ;)

  5. Dear, if u r planning to letgo one rose. Plisss ler me know. Bt searching for it for ages. ��

    1. Hehehe not yet kut. I doakan you jumpa your rose quickly ;)

  6. Hello,

    Stumbled upon your blog as I was searching for the Blooming Series by dUck and well boy, have you got yourself hooked. As I was reading through it, I read that you'd be able to give advices on how to navigate myself through the search? I'm very well aware that I'm 2 years late but I am oh so in love with the Blooming Series and it'd be lovely to get my hands on the Lavender and Rose.

    Do let me know if you could give a helping hand. If its easier for you, my email is -

    Thank you!


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