Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Finally Offshore!

Hey everyone!

Just a quick one to say that I am finally offshore! I left for Kota Kinabalu last Friday night, did an overnight at the Hyatt Regency (was upgraded to a suite too - I'll save that for a separate post!) and then took a chopper the very next morning offshore.

First chopper out that morning! Various coloured coveralls represented various companies that will work together to make it happen.

My home for the next two weeks!

If you are my Instagram follower, you would know how much I struggled with packing, and keeping to the (ridiculous) 11kg weight limit on the helicopter. I meticulously weighed everything and found out that my empty bag was 3kg, my safety boots were 2kg, my coveralls and hard hat were 1kg, my toiletries were 1kg... which left me with a grand total of 4kg for everything else! A bit tough for a two week trip!

Anyway, I apologize in advance if you do not see any updates here. Internet is intermittent offshore. Weather has been kind so far, but we are getting a severe weather warning in the coming days; hence internet may not be reliable.

Doakan for a successful project completion for the future of the energy industry in Malaysia, and that I will return home safely to my family. Thanks in advance. ;)

Signing off, 110km off the coast of Sabah.


  1. Only people with strong motivation can do this type of work (especially women). I sendiri kerja dlm ofis pun tak tahan. Hahaha..... GOOD FOR YOU!!!

    1. Awww thank you. Actually I am lucky that this is a one off thing, sort of like the finale for the project (installing the platform). I think my time in Sakhalin, on rotation, was more taxing. Don't think I can do that anymore especially with kids ;) Thanks again for your kind words!


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