Monday, July 18, 2016

Selamat Hari Raya 2016!

A week too late... but better late than never, right?

So how did you guys celebrate your Eid Fitri this year? For us, it was more of a touch and go celebration. We could not stay in one kampung for too long due to my impending offshore trip. (Offshore mobilization was originally slated for a week before Raya before it was gradually delayed to a few days after Raya to a week after a Raya, and still counting!) Hence with the uncertainty, we decided to minimize our time at kampung, so that we could be back in KL early for me to pack and standby just in case I get a last minute notice to mob offshore.

Of course before we left KL, we made a trip to visit my Mum's kubur. Aiden understands death quite well, since we've been going to the kubur since he was a toddler. Ian on the other hand is still learning.

Ian was contented with just zooming his red car on the marble top.

We then spent the last two days of Ramadhan at Hubby's grandmother's house in Teluk Intan. Unfortunately for Aiden, all his cousins were not around throughout our entire stay there. So he only had Ian to bully play with. Next year, okay Aiden? As usual, what buka puasa is complete without the famous Teluk Intan sirap bandung tarik and mee rebus Mastan Ghani!
Wearing my Duckscarves in Blooming Rose Pink.

Our very extravagant final Iftar.

This year, Ian is old enough to play with fireworks (under supervision of course!) and his personal favourite is the pop pop. He can finish a whole box of pop pop in under 20 minutes!

Playing with sparklers.

I didn't really masuk dapur much this year, mainly because I spent most of the time on the road accompanying Hubby to the wet market to get so many last minute things for the rendang and such. First day of Raya was relatively stress free, especially since we decided to only head to dad's house in Ipoh on the second day of Raya. So for the first time ever, I was able to join my in-laws to beraya around Teluk Intan!

This year is special too, because it marks Aiden's first year berpuasa penuh. So proud of my boy! Mummy pun dulu puasa penuh masa darjah dua rasanya. Hubby and I were both amazed at how he managed to pull it off. He certainly received a big fat sampul duit raya from us that morning.

Aiden excited to receive his first duit raya from his Datuk and Wan. Ian wanted the same too!

This year, Aiden finally understands the value of money. Hence dia bersungguh-sungguh cium tangan semua orang for duit raya in return!

Obviously Ian followed his brother's antics, hence he enthusiastically went around to salam everyone in exchange for duit raya too!

The cheeky two boys wanted to salam their Daddy at the same time!

Playing tug of war for the duit raya with Daddy.

Family photo.

The Teluk Intan family!

If you remember, I blogged about how I finally got my dream pastel pink outfit for Eid in this post. Unfortunately, I forgot to find a matching tudung and it took me two trips to the Duck bazaar at Bangsar Village to finally realize they didn't have anything to match either. Nasib baik I found one that would match among my rows and rows of shawls that I have hanging at the back of my bedroom door. On the positive side, I loveeeeeee my outfit! I tried a new tailor upon a friend's recommendation. This tailor can design and sew - the fit is good, the design is interesting and the price is reasonable.

Subtle chiffon waves to conceal the extra indulgence for the day.

Real men wear pink, Hubby!

Even the flowers matched outfit!

Getting a decent family photo was absolutely disastrous. Aiden refused to pose outside in the hot sun - I have the pictures to prove it! And because he was so bothered and flustered out in the sun, he got cranky and refused to strike a post in the shade either - I've got photos to prove that as well! In the end I allowed him to cool off and then slightly later we took our family photos in a controlled setting i.e. just us at the porch with a camera on timer.

Finally, one usable photo, albeit a toothless grin.

As mentioned earlier, we followed my in-laws to beraya. And we found a house that was perfect for photo opportunities! Such an interesting traditional wooden kampung house on stilts, with timber decor elements. While the rest were busy enjoying the served laksa inside, we were busy posing for photos outside!

Posing at the front door.

Posing at the window too!

The crowd inside the house.

The next day, we headed to Ipoh. My big brother flew home from San Francisco for Raya and he was at my fourth stepmother house so we headed there first. We had a good meal of lemang, rendang pedas and mee rebus. (The mee rebus was to die for!) My stepmother also packed us a full spread of lauk such as kurma kambing, kari ayam, lontong to bring home. I'm drooling as I'm typing this! *chuckles*

I wore a songket inspired modern kurung by Maatin Shakir.

Next stop, visit my Dad at stepmother number three's house! (Are you losing track of the numbers yet?) *giggles* Hubby had a good chat with him (I was busy chasing after the kids)... he even managed to show my Dad some cool time-lapse videos of the project I am currently working on and will be boarding offshore. If you want to see what I am up to in my career nowadays, head over to this link and check out the videos.

Behind us were graduation photos of my Dad *handsome eh?* and a family photo that was taken back when my Mum was still around. See if you can spot me!

My three boys matching in green!

My father was hosting an open house at his place that night, but due to said work commitments, we decided to head home directly after spending quality time with my Dad, just so that I could pack and be on standby for my offshore mob. After a change of clothes and solat Maghrib, we started driving towards the highway. We made a pit stop at a petrol station for some drinks for the kids, but unfortunately the fridge at the station wasn't working so Hubby made another stop at the next station. Nak dijadikan cerita, my cousin who just started working as a doctor in the Ipoh hospital called and said that he was at the said open house! I felt so sorry for him (because he came all the way for me and did not know anyone else there), so we actually turned back and decided to head to my Dad's house. Really, if he literally called just two minutes later, we would have already been on the highway with no possibly of making a u-turn.

Which explains why my kids were in pajamas and I was wearing a very attractive *sarcasm*  Zara striped top amongst a sea of baju raya.

My Dad got super excited when I turned up. Why? Because it was the first time in many many years that all of his children were under the same roof at the same time. I would not normally post these type of photos (I mean, good God, look at me back then!), but here's a photo comparison of when we were all last together and now. See if you can match the faces. Good luck!

Hope you all had a good Hari Raya too! Selamat Hari Raya and I wish you a blessed year ahead. Take care!


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