Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Raya 2016 - Part 2!

So this is a continuation of my Raya Part 1 blogpost. We left my Dad's house in Ipoh way past midnight and arrived in KL close to 3am Raya kedua. Since I was still maid-less, I had to unload the car, unpack and I even had time to do laundry! Hubby was exhausted from the drive home so I didn't ask for his assistance. By the time we both crawled into bed, it was way past 4am. What time we all woke up the next morning tak payah tanya lah!

Honestly, being on standby for work during Hari Raya is no fun. I should really thank my lucky stars that my offshore mobilization was postponed so much that I was able to spend the whole Ramadhan and the first week of Eid at home. But I was never really off work, if you get what I mean? I was still checking and replying to emails while I was in Teluk Intan and the first thing I did the morning we arrived home was to turn on my laptop and had my daily morning call! Whatsapp messages tak payah cakap la, berduyun duyun message masuk with work related queries. So the kids spent a good bulk of their second day of Raya lazing around while I was in front of my laptop.

In the evening, we went to visit my Aunt in Titiwangsa and later went to One Utama to get a new iron for myself. After three weeks of ironing, I've finally given up on our iron. So for the first time in a longgggg time, I splurged on a good steam iron. Initially I wanted those canggih steam irons; you know the ones with a separate water tank that costs four digits? Well Hubby successfully talked me out of it, saying that my maid will be the main user of the iron and I won't be able to control how she uses it. Kalau rosak tak ke membazir. But anyhow, I'm happy with the iron that I chose. Finally, I can smile at the thought of ironing clothes!

The next day, we attended a relative's open house in SS16, PJ. Every year without fail, they would organize an open house during the first week of Raya. And every year we would enjoy ourselves immensely. Not just because of the company... but the food! For instance this year, they had various stalls for kambing, sushi, kueyteow, apam balik, satay, Sankaya ice-cream and a coffee bistro complete with barista. We ate so much salmon that day, we felt sorry for the guests who arrived after us! *chuckles*

My Maatin Shakir kurung was sooooo comfy, even outdoors!

Cousins first, BBGSians second!

Cousins for life.

My boys in matching shirts! Ian was asking for me to dukung him.

Apart from catching up with my cousins, I met Intan Ladyana - who was my schoolmate back in BBGS. I also saw Raline from afar, an Indonesian model who is quite famous apparently. (I was shocked when my cousin told me to check out her Instagram - she has 3.2 million followers wei! Yeah, and I'm just 3.19999 million followers away from reaching her stardom *giggles*) I was also hoping to catch a glimpse of Uqasha Senrose (apparently she's dating one of my cousin) but I left before she arrived.

After that, we again went to One Utama. Best okay pegi One Utama during Raya holidays - senang carik parking and lengang! Main objective was for Aiden to spend his duit Raya. For the first time ever, he demanded to spend part of his duit Raya on something. (He initially wanted to buy another tortoise, and then a frog (!!!) but thankfully I managed to steer him towards toys.) He spent a good full hour in ToysRUs choosing something for himself. It was a toss up between a Lego set and a telescope. The latter won but as we were preparing to pay at the cashier, we saw a BB8 on display on the counter top. To cut a long story short, the BB8 came home with us.

This toy nearly wiped out Aiden's entire duit raya loot.

Comel gila ok the BB8. Using a provided remote control, you can control the movement of the head and the body separately. But the best part is, if you don't play with it, it will make robotic noises and turn it's head in an effort to engage with you. Such a good buy!

Monday came by quickly after that. I was notified that I was slated for an offshore chopper on Wednesday, hence the Cahaya SPK gang decided on an impromptu dinner before I left, potluck style of course. No one wanted to cook anything complicated, so one neighbour bought pizza while another made meehoon tomyam. Good thing I had all those rendang, lontong, lemang and such from my stepmother, so adelah suasana raya jugak

Look at that pizza tower!

Dah takde maid buatlah cara takde maid - we used disposable plates, cutlery and cups. Paper cups were labelled to prevent wastage too!

The SPK gang, missing one!

Well typical offshore style, my offshore chopper was postponed till Thursday. And on Thursday some urgent technical issue came up hence I had to manage the issues onshore so the chopper was postponed to the following Tuesday (today), and then again to this coming Friday. Anyway, it meant that I had an extra weekend onshore... hence wait for Part 3 of my Raya adventures!

Till then, hope you're having a good Syawal!

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