Sunday, July 31, 2016


Hubby sent me these pictures just over two hours ago. Notice something?

Notice that he has placed the cards into a perfect semi circle... and that all of the cards are facing towards him?

Yes, Ian has this extreme fixation with organizing things. Be it grouping balls into the same colour, lining up his trains in a longgggg neat straight line, or even stacking his Lego in a specific way (that God forbid, no one accidentally crashes into as he will then be hell bent on getting it stacked in the exact same way). Is this OCD?

I once read that kids with traits of obsessive compulsion may have a learning problem in the future. But then I read this article at BabyCenter which placed me at ease right away. I guess these are pros and cons of having internet at your finger tips - Mr Google tends to always give you the worse prognosis!

 It's just cognitive advance. Phewww!

I miss my curly hair baby!

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