Saturday, July 30, 2016

Raya 2016 - Part 4!

So this is Part 4 (and my final post) of Syawal. In keeping up with the theme of cramming everything and everyone that weekend, we invited people over to our house that Sunday!

In the morning we had my in-laws and their extended families. We decided to do a repeat of the Breakfast Aidilfitri we did last year (you can read about it here). I wanted to keep it simple and mess-free; so since Nasi Lemak Turbo is a good friend of mine, I pre-ordered 15 packets of nasi lemak, with ayam goreng berempah and their famous sambal sotong. Hubby then supplemented those with roti canai and nasi dagang, while I made some homemade buttermilk pancake batter so guests could make their own pancakes on our electric griddle.

The spread in our dry kitchen that day.

Scrumptious nasi lemak and nasi dagang wrapped in banana leaf.

Seri muka and talam durian. Roti canai presented on banana leaves that came from our garden! Buttermilk pancake batter in the background.

My handsome cook. (Bagi chan lah puji sikit... rindu time time offshore nie.) *giggles*

Check out our latest pets at home. Three tortoises that have grown so much since they arrived at our home barely six months ago.

We had quite an intimate breakfast that morning. My in-laws even invited my sister-in-law's wedding planner over so that we could finalize the details for the wedding. (October is going to be a crazy month for me!) After breakfast, we even had time for a photo shoot in the garden.

So apparently there is this new trend in town, where instead of taking still photos or videos, you do a still video instead. Therefore one has to stay still all the time, suspended in motion, while the videographer walks all around the scene making it seem like a 360deg atmosphere shot. Easier said than done, really! Hubby cracked jokes (which made our noses flare up in giggle suppression), wind blew our clothes around, and a darn butterfly even flew into the shot! *chuckles*

See how happy I was holding a broom?

Still photo with my sister-in-laws. Wearing a recycled baju raya from The Calice.

Hindustan style at our front lawn.

After they left, we had my ID contractor and his family over for tea. Remember that future renovation that I mentioned in a previous post? Well, should be happening soon, insyaAllah. (Oil price, we need you to stand strong!)

Later that night, we had Aiden's ex-kindergarten mates over for dinner. The Real Kids mummy-hood is still as zealous as ever, despite our kids being in different schools this year. One of them is heading for greener pastures overseas, so we thought it would be a good idea to have everyone together for one last time before they left. We did this potluck style, so all I had to do was make the food that they brought look pretty in my glassware. (Oh, I did buy satay though!)

See how I made takeaway pizza look so good? *giggles* Satay Kajang from the R&R at Elmina.

Yummy mee sup with meatballs! My maid said it tasted like bakso. Put a generous dash of sambal kicap... yum!

Selfies in the kitchen.

Waiting for one more to arrive, and missing two more! I was wearing a modern kurung from Deir.

It was amazing to see how the kids easily bonded with each other despite being apart in different schools for over half a year. It was so seamless, they literally jumped into conversation the minute they met. Takde malu malu shy shy. 

Kids were running everywhere, upstairs... downstairs. Meanwhile, the 'responsible' parents *chuckles* were too busy enjoying themselves eating and chit chatting. Since it was raining outside, we couldn't open the patio up to make more space, so in the end everyone kinda crowded around the dining table. I think it was at this point that both Hubby and I realized that we needed a bigger dining hall!

We couldn't squeeze 5 couples in! Check out my 'instant' daughter, so cute with a bow in a hair *smiles*

And another photo with Hubby, kain pelekat and all.

The ladies. Wish Erma and Nely were with us!

Our antics - posing for photos and then vetting through them. Memang tak ingat anak.

Anak pun tak ingat kat mak bapak. Love this photo of Ian balancing precariously while peering curiously at the iPad.

Candid pose while the kids were busy watching TV.

Mommies and daughters.

So many paparazzi!

And that marked the end of Syawal, well for me at least. Bring on Zulkaedah already! 


  1. your hubs made Nasi Dagang??!! can I order whenever I'm in KL.?? selamat hari raya Liz!! maaf zahir batin

    1. Hahaha I hate to burst your bubble, but he bought those :P Good news is, I am part Kelantanese and I know how to make my Mum's fabulous nasi dagang. Bad news is, I'm so lazy nowadays! Hehehe when will you be back in KL?

  2. post nih bg idea sgt nak serve makanan. tq liz :)

    1. You're welcome Sue. I dapat idea guna dry kitchen nie pun from attending another open house. Sebelum nie semua makanan hidang atas meja... ;)

  3. suka ngan food arrangement you.. with beautiful plates.. beautiful kitchen.. :)


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