Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A New Brother In Law!

When I first started dating Hubby, this girl was only in Standard Six. Fast forward to nearly twelve years later, this little girl is not only married, but siap langkah bendul two of her elder sisters lagi. *giggles*

Alhamdulillah, the wedding is now done and dusted. Thankfully, the bride was gracious enough to hire a wedding planner and exempt yours truly from making the wedding dessert table. Therefore, this whole wedding experience was soooo different from the last wedding we organized in the family. No baking cakes or carting mason jars around. Seriously, all I had to do was look good.

Hence here are the photos of all of us looking good during the day:
One with the sister-in-laws.

Hubby looking dashing in emerald green.

Photobombed by the groom.

Love this hand drawn poster.

One with the bride, with the dais in the background.

The view in the morning before the event. Tables were still naked!

The afternoon nikah (solemnization).

Family members matching in green.

Door gifts for our guests.

Cuties bertugas pegang bunga manggar.

Check out this cutie! 
The two boys.

The poolside wedding at night.

One with the SPK girls.

And their husbands.

Aiden completely ignored the wedding, he was too busy playing this at the clubhouse.

With the new brother in law, this brings the family to a total of 12 members!

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