Friday, October 14, 2016

Friday Blues

Hello peeps! How's your week treating you? Me? I landed myself a bout of diarrhea right after my sister in law's wedding. Great luck right? But that didn't stop me from hosting a post-wedding breakfast for the extended family, afternoon tea for the groom's family and attending a thank you dinner by the newly weds.

Anyway... today is my first day back at work - hence the Friday Blues. Before I get started with blog posts on the wedding and the house revamp, here is a recap of my week before the wedding!

The Interior Designer Makeover
Super happy with the end results, but unfortunately I'll keep the 'after' photos tucked away in my camera for a little bit more. For now, here are some photos from when they were doing the make over. (If you can't wait for my after photos, head over to my Interior Designer's official IG: Lentera Creative for his photos. Jangan sangkut tengok rumah Fasha Sandha jer ok... Scroll lower *chuckles*)

So happy with your work, Am!

Curtains for the dining hall.

Curtains for the living hall.

Work in progress.

Rumah Kena Terjah
Welcomed our first few visitors at our humble abode. My aunts were the first to pay us a visit. I treated them to a home-cooked lunch, a freshly baked birthday cake, followed by tea in the garden gazebo. Right after that, a neighbour dropped by too to see the house transformation with her own two eyes.

Impromptu pound cake.

Kena terjah.. aaaccckkk!

Sad News
While I was already on leave in preparation for my SIL's wedding, I received a message asking whether I knew any doctors in the neighbourhood who could attend to an emergency - it turned out to be a case of drowning at our clubhouse pool. Menggeletar masa baca that message. I immediately called a fellow doctor neighbour whom I knew was on leave and she rushed to the pool to help. Unfortunately, one of the child who drowned did not survive. *cries* If you can, please sedekahkan Al-Fatihah for adik Sakinah. She is truly an anak syurga.

Doa Selamat
We hosted a doa selamat for my SIL's wedding, two nights before the actual wedding. An hour before the event was to start, our renovation contractor finally put the finishing paint touches on the kitchen ceiling, and cleared the maid's room off their construction equipment. Talk about getting it done in the nick of time!

Gang jubah hitam... not!

My favourite step sister came over for a gossip session too!

The Alphabet Duck
A fellow duckie graciously extended her invite to me for the VIP preview of Duck's latest LE scarf - the Alphabet Duck. Coincidentally a friend received an invite too so we made it into a girly date! Although I thought the price was a bit too much for a scarf, I still ended up buying one - naturally the letter L, of course! Oh Vivy, you have turned me into a full blown Duckie!!! *quackquack* During the event, I met a lady who introduced herself to me as my blog reader! It was such a delightful experience ;)

Crazy quacks at the Alphabet Duck VIP preview.

My name is L! Or should it be an A? Hmm...

Thank You Dinner
Last but not least, the thank you dinner from the newlyweds marked the start of my diarrhea terror. To be clear, I don't think it was the spread from the said dinner as my maid and I already had some stomach discomfort earlier. Rather, we concluded it was probably one of the meals we had in between the entire wedding chaos. 

We occupied three tables at Muhibbah! Kesian newly weds had to foot the bill. *giggles*

Look at that spread... food coma!

Showing off my KL Duck in Ash Blue. This is suchhhh a hot colour to own!

Anyway, that's all from me. Hope you all have a productive weekend. Me? I'll probably be slaving over Aiden's books - it's exam week!!! Hopefully I'll get to squeeze in a movie... have you guys watched Deepwater Horizon? 

Till next time, bye!


  1. Liz u look so gorgeous wearing hijab,practice make perface,kipidap liz
    anyway,u nampak kurus sikit..sebelum i terlupa..
    Al-fatihah utk anak syurga adik Sakinah..*sad

    1. Haha Zie, thanks for the compliment. Yes still practicing, although I don't know how Vivy does it so effortlessly. Doakan I, ok? ;) I nampak kurus? Must be the camera, I don't feel kurus at all, hehehehe ;)


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