Thursday, October 27, 2016

Birthday Date Night at Nobu KL

My better half turned 35 last Saturday.

I thought long and hard about what I was going to get for him. Unlike me (who has about a zillion things in my shopaholic list), my man is quite content about what he owns. So what do you give a man who has everything? You give him love and affection!!! *giggles* Okay fine, I'll stop being corny. To cut a long story short, I bought him a new phone. Somehow or rather, he managed to crack the screen on his last two consecutive phones, and once he mentioned in passing about how much he loves the quality of photos from his S6. Hence I decided to give him the S7 Edge, not just because he deserves a new phone, but also so he can take beautiful photos of me! *flips hair*

Anyhow, this blogpost is to share our experience celebrating Hubby turning mid-thirties at Nobu KL. I've heard many rave reviews about this place - not only for the excellent dishes but also for its exorbitant prices. Since you only turn 35 just once in your life, I decided to give it a try.

I scouted the place a couple of days before the event. I was able to make a booking, and even pre-order a personalized birthday dessert in advance. Unfortunately, I wasn't allowed to book a specific window table specifically for the sunset experience. The window tables were on a first come first serve basis!

Come the actual day, we arrived at the restaurant sharp at 6pm. Albeit it being a Friday night, thankfully the restaurant was still empty hence we scored ourselves a private window corner with an excellent view of the KL skyline and a side view of the Petronas Twin Towers. The restaurant has a warm and simple woody interior, which was great as it didn't overshadow the 56th floor metropolitan view. That night, not only did we witness a stunning sunset, we also saw the Twin Towers light up at about 7ish pm.

Loveeeee the S7 Edge camera!

Twin towers in the background.

Perfect sunset.

Food wise? Spectacular! Initially I wanted to take the Omakase set - where you get surprised by whatever the chef selects and prepares for you. (Omakase in Japanese means "respectfully leaving another to decide what is best".) But since it was our first time there, the nice lady serving us recommended for us to try Nobu's worldwide signature courses instead. And it was such a good choice too! We chose everything that she recommended, about 5 courses in total not including dessert. (Each Nobu course is meant to be shared as the servings are just nice for two, maximum three people.) By the time we got to the fifth course, we were absolutely full!

Salmon New Style Sashimi, RM65.

We both love salmon sashimi, hence this was our favourite out of all the cold courses! The soy-sesame oil emulsion they used was to die for!

Yellowtail Sashimi Jalapeno, RM70. We were urged to eat the jalapeno together with the sashimi, to bring out the taste of the yellowtail. The tangy Yuzu sauce went very well with the spicy jalapeno. The yellow tail was so fresh, it melted in my mouth. Two thumbs up! 

Baby Spinach/Butter Lettuce Dry Miso with Scallop, RM85.

We loved this one too - the greens were fresh and crunchy. The scallops were amazing!

Service was impeccable. Since they served the cold courses first, we took our time and took lots of selfies (courtesy of the new phone). Even with the delays, every course was delivered smoothly to the table. The staff took the time to explain every dish they sent, they even suggested novel ways of eating the course to bring out the taste in every bite.

Last photo before darkness fell. Baby Tiger Shrimp Tempura - Creamy Spicy, RM60.

Twin Towers in the background.

Last but certainly not least, the highlight of our meal - the Black Cod with Miso. We were lucky to be given a thick succulent piece of cod (we compared with the table beside us). The miso marinated cod was grilled to perfection. You could literally use your chopsticks to 'peel' each layer of the fish. Without a doubt - a Michelin-worthy dish.

Nobu's signature Black Cod with Miso, RM135. It came with a strip of ginger, as a palate cleanser at the end.

This is definitely a must try. Such a cardinal sin if you skip this!

At the 4th course (before Miso Cod) we thought we were still hungry hence we added a Soft Shell Crab roll, RM50. We won't do it again next time, as we felt full as soon as we finished out cod, and the roll wasn't anything to shout about anyway.

Note that they have a cakeage charge for outside cakes, which they will gladly waive if you order any of the desserts from their menu. I decided to be lazy and just order ahead; I chose the Chocolate Sphere as it had a theatrical theme to it. It was such a gastronomical hypnotic spectacle - hot chocolate is poured over a chocolate dome which then melts away to display a scoop of ice-cream hidden within it. We oohhh-ed and aaahhh-ed as the dome began to fall off. Watch the video below:

Sorry for the blur photo - in all the excitement, it turned out to be our only photo with the cake!

Chocolate Sphere - Dark Chocolate Dome, Cinnamon Custard, Almond and Green Tea Crumble, Sake Kasu Ice Cream, Hot Chocolate Sauce. Hubby was amused at how the crumble crackled on the plate and even in his mouth. 

Happy 35th birthday, darling!

Last photo for the night. Wearing the Zea top from the Aere Hope collection.

Thanks Nobu KL, for turning Hubby's birthday into such a lovely and memorable outing. We will definitely come again, not just for the friendly service and incredible ambiance, but specifically for the sensational tastes we experienced!

Nobu Kuala Lumpur
Level 56, Menara 3 Petronas,
Persiaran Kuala Lumpur City Center 
50088 Malaysia
Lunch: 12-2pm
Dinner: 6-10pm
Sky High Tea: 230-430pm (Sat/Sun only)
No children below 12 years old during weekdays, except during public holidays.


  1. His
    NOBU London without or with reservation allowed two hrs for table. after they rushed u..despite wanting to order more. FOR kuat makan £ 240 2 person. All basic je..

    1. Wow, thanks for the tip. I guess i'll stick to Nobu KL jer lah... ;)

  2. Very nice ambience for celebrating a special event. :)

    1. Yes it was certainly very nice! Great place to celebrate special occasions.


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