Thursday, October 6, 2016

Makeup Splurge

I am never one to experiment with things. Adventurous? Definitely not me. I am so tame and cautious, I've been using the same type of compact powder (brand and even colour) since at least 10 years ago.

(Oh, I'm a cheapskate too. I use lipsticks that I redeem from the Back-to-MAC program - the one where you return six primary packaging in return for a free lipstick. But let's not dwell on that, shall we? *chuckles*)

Talking about lipsticks, my gang pagar introduced me to the world of matte lipsticks. I love how the plush pigment rich colours would envelope my lips in a velvet matte finish. And the best part... they are long wearing too! Sooooo unlike gloss or shiny lipsticks that would wear off even from just a sip of coffee. So I tried one out, and to cut a long story short - I've been using the same brand and colour since then.

Until recently, a friend enticed me with the world of Colour Pop. Yummy mattifying lippie colours and at a cheap price too! One lippie for USD6... ~RM25. *gasp* Super cheap!! Worth a special mention is the Ultra Matte Lip range - it applies like a gloss, but dries as an opaque matte lipstick. Rest assured that almost all of their lipsticks are vegan. Click on the FAQ at the Colourpop website - it lists colours that are not vegan-friendly. Worth also to note, that certain colours may look similar, but they are quite different once applied at your lips. And last but not least, know what colours will suit your skin tone. For me, I am no Kylie Jenner - I can't pull off the whole mauve look. It made me look like a walking corpse!

Just last month, Colourpop offered free international shipping (yes free!), for orders above USD50. I spent USD65 - and in return I received 13 items - 8 lipsticks, 2 eye shadows, 1 lip primer, 1 lip liner and 1 eye liner. Dirt cheappppppp... Those lippies will definitely last me the whole year!

Since this is not a makeup blog, I won't dwell on the formula, the shades bla bla bla, but instead I''ll let the photos of my recent splurge do the talking:

Free shipping!

Oh those luscious colours.... *drool*

Happy shopping, girls! ;)


  1. Replies
    1. Yes betul! Tiba tiba famous sangat brand nie. Memang rambang mata! ;)

  2. Yes betul..Color Pop memang so hot now..i try to buy directly tapi now takde pulak offer free international shipping.. :(

    1. Tuh la, my friend pun nak borong jugak harituh tapi dah takde pulak free international shipping. Next time ade, InsyaAllah I'll blog about it ;)


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