Friday, December 9, 2016

Aladdin Reloaded - A Musical Comedy

So yesterday, I brought Aiden out for his first night out to the theater. Well truth be told, I didn't buy the tickets. I actually won two tickets via a competition organized by Tiara Jacquelina on her Instagram. (It was one of those late nights when I was scrolling lazily through IG trying to fall asleep, then I found her post and was the last lucky #10 to answer some questions and scored those tickets.)

I used to love going to the theaters. I haven't been to one for quite a while (blame the post-babies syndrome). My favourite show was Actorlympics (with my favourite being Jit Murad & Rashid Salleh). However, bringing Aiden out to the theaters was a whole different ball game. I had my reservations i.e. Would he understand the show? Would it get too complicated for him? Would he get bored and fall asleep?

Well, guess what??? I'm extremely glad I took the plunge and took him to the show. He enjoyed himself so much, he requested for me to buy more theater tickets for a repeat experience!

Here are some photos that I took during the night. (Photos are okay, but no recordings allowed.)

Aiden got so excited when they announced at the start of the show, that kids were allowed to act rambunctious and be as loud as they wanted. 

Aladdin on the flying carpet.

Bravo to the Genie of the Ring.

Striking a pose during intermission.

Finally, Aladdin gets to marry the princess after The Genie of the Lamp gave him a cheque for 2.6 billion.... (and I'm not kidding you, it was actually part of the play)! 

Simple set, but the catchy songs and slapstick comedy made up for the lack of it.

I must say, I enjoyed myself as well. I came with medium expectations, but left feeling so fulfilled and impressed with the cast. Their jokes were utterly hilarious, I laughed my head off; references to Bersih, GST, 1k hairstyles, 2.6 billion debacle... you've got to appreciate the humour! Although Rashid Salleh was remarkable as Widow Twanky (and I'll always have a soft spot for him!), my favourite was The Genie of the Ring, played by Tria Aziz. Their younger cast members were especially talented, and they delivered their jokes and punch lines so effortlessly, that even Aiden laughed his head off too! He especially loved that the show was so interactive, with the cast members asking questions to the audience, and even coming down from stage to interact with the crowd. Super proud that Aiden was captivated from start to finish. He was so pumped up after the show that despite it being close to midnight, he was wide awake enough to ask for a photo with the cast and then supper!

Kudos to the extremely talented cast and crew.

The cast taking one last photo before they left the stage.

A photo with the main cast members. After the photo, The Evil Wizard Abanaza (Peter Davis) pointed to Aiden and asked in his 'evil' voice, "Who stole your tooth?" *chuckles*

I highly recommend the show for kids in primary school and above. Good thing we left Ian at home, because he wouldn't understand a thing. The show isn't about beautiful sets and costumes, but rather about the comprehension of the story line and admiring the cast in delivering their lines.

Would I do this again? A resounding yes. But with better seats, of course! (Aiden wasn't happy with our balcony seats as he couldn't get any candy that was thrown from the stage to the audience.)

If you're struggling to find activities for your kids to do during this school break, and you feel that this show is your cup of tea, you have TWO days left to catch it. Go get your tickets now! (Yes, you can thank me later.) ;)


  1. It was an excellent show!..

  2. wahhh macam seronok je... rashid salleh yang polkadot tu ke?
    eh apa update on the raincoat bag?

    1. Yes, Rashid Salleh yang polkadot tuh. Memang lawak gila lah... :)
      Raincoat bag - please don't buy it. Banyak masalah sungguh dengan 11Street and I've blogged about it.

  3. 'i m worse than donald trump' ini kelakar..
    cartoon aladdin ni my dream cortoon masa child hood..yela boleh fly sana with magic carpet dia tu..smpi sekrang still tengok cartoon..hahah

    1. Betul, cartoon nie memang best, lagu pun sedap. Childhood memories nie ;)


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