Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The School Uniform To Buy That Will Last Throughout the School Year!

Well hello, school holidays!

After months of waiting, it is finally the end of the year and finally time to start preparing Aiden for Primary Two! So why have I been waiting for this moment with bated breath??? For the simple reason... of going shopping.

*sigh* Aiden's Primary One school uniform and shoes did not survive the wear and tear of his active lifestyle. Boys will always will be boys... you can never expect them to sit all prim and proper in school. They run through puddles and play catch and hopscotch during breaks. Then they come barreling home wearing uniforms stained with roti canai dhal and ice-cream streaks.

By mid-year, Aiden’s shoes were so scruffy and worn out; it was barely hanging by its soles. His uniform on the other hand, had been bleached and cleaned so much that they won’t take anymore, and are permanently dingy with no way of bringing them back to life. It was such an eye sore all throughout the year that I vowed to make better choices for the upcoming Primary 2 school year!

So this year, I’ve decided to invest in the Professor Red Label school uniform. In all honesty, I’ve heard of the Professor brand for quite some time. Not only did I grew up wearing Professor school uniforms, but since they have the most comprehensive range of extra curriculum activities uniform and accessories in Malaysia, I find myself visiting them often in my teens, for my Girl Guide needs.

Professor school uniforms have been around since 1982. Professor owns their own uniform factory; hence they guarantee excellent workmanship in every piece of uniform.  I brought home a few sets of school uniforms for Aiden, and upon inspection I noticed that that the stitching is immaculate, the form well-tailored. As for the fabric, not only are they more durable, (bye-bye fading!) but they are cooling and breathable ensuring that the children will feel comfortable even when they wear it the whole day. It was a far cry from those synthetic feeling polyester fabrics so commonly found in the market nowadays.

Aiden wearing the Professor Red Label uniform. Aside from a shorter trim for the pants, it was a perfect fit!

Aiden in the Professor Baju Melayu set. Even after washing, the cooling fabric stays smooth without any excessive ironing. The material also keeps to shape, even after several washings.

Breathable fabric that will keep the kids feeling pleasant even when they wear it the whole day.

Upon closer inspection, I found a key feature that is oh-so important for children who are about Aiden’s age. Hidden within the folds of the pocket, was a zipper! Did you know how many wallets Aiden misplaced throughout his first school year? A grand total of 5!!! Hence, this feature is very much welcomed in preventing the loss of money and coins at school.

A zip is hidden within the folds of the pocket.

What about price, you ask? My advise – don’t select the cheapest in the market. Instead, strike a balance between cost and quality. Good quality school uniforms will guarantee you the run for your money. For this purpose, choose the Professor Green Label school uniform. This range caters to the demands of cheaper uniform without compromising on the workmanship synonymous to the Professor brand. If you are budget conscious, you can opt for this range and be assured that your children will get the quality and durable uniform that they deserve.

So if you’re planning to start on your school year shopping soon, make your life easier by choosing to shop at Professor. Not only are they a one-stop shop for all your school needs all year long, but they also offer a wide selection of extra curriculum activities uniform, outdoor camping equipment and related accessories.

Professor has 12 outlets within the Klang Valley, with their first outlet located in SS2 Petaling Jaya. Check out the links below for more information:


  1. Yr son look alike syed sadiq :D

  2. I remember my days with Professor as well. I used to buy my uniforms from them too. Great quality if compared to the rest. Thanks for the recommendation.

    1. Hi Alana. Hi-5 to growing up wearing the Professor brand. Certainly evokes past memories, doesn't it? ;)


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