Friday, December 2, 2016

The Handbag Raincoat


*This is NOT a sponsored post. I'm genuinely sharing the happiness of finding a good deal online!*

Boy oh boy, it has certainly been pouring nowadays....

Yesterday was gloomy since morning, so I decided to head to The Gardens Mall for a pick-me-up lunch. As I waited for the lift to bring me down to the office lobby, I tried calling for Uber, but it kept showing an inflated rate. Decided to wait a few minutes for the rate to go down... until a friend recommended Grabcar. (I used their promo code SURERIDE, and it turned out to be a free ride!) Upon arrival at the lobby, I finally figured out why the Uber rates were inflated.... it was pouring cats and dogs outside!

Biggest dilemma.. do I brave the rain in my handbag, or do I cancel the car and endure yet another office bought packed lunch?

Anyway, long story short, I did brave the rain (with a bulging tummy, not from food but from shielding my handbag under my clothes)... and I found myself googling "handbag raincoat" in the office right after lunch. In all honesty, I've always thought that the handbag raincoat was a marketing gimmick. Why would anyone buy a raincoat for their handbag, when they can just use a plastic bag? *chuckles* Well, after the incident today, I was won over by the versatility of the piece. It folds easily into a pouch so you can store it neatly in your handbag, and is definitely more fashionable than a plastic bag!

Comes in 6 different styles.

I found some reviews which mentioned that it wasn't available locally. Eventually found someone who was selling stock from the US for RM178. I nearly bought one, but decided to snoop online a bit longer. Lo and behold... I did find one online which was not only cheaper, but it also allowed you to put in a credit card discount!

After putting in my credit card discount, it came to less than RM120 for the medium size. Conversion of USD25 to MYR is already RM111, I certainly don't mind paying an extra ~RM9 for shipping!

Super super happy with this purchase of mine! Can't wait for it to arrive!!!

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