Thursday, December 8, 2016

Three Generations

It's exactly a week after my birthday!

It was certainly a wonderful week of celebrations. I was celebrated a grand total of four times; with my dad and my extended family, with Ian at his birthday party, with my SPK girls and last but not least, an intimate dinner with my better half. So blessed to turn a year older in the company of my fantastic family and friends... but as much as I love being celebrated, I don't think I can stomach more cake!

Anyway, this post is dedicated to my birthday celebration with my dad, my stepmothers and step siblings. A week before the actual birth date, my dad had lamented quite sadly about how his children were too busy to balik Ipoh to celebrate his birthday. Little did he know that we had planned for a surprise party in KL. We went to great lengths to keep it a secret from him, and it was certainly impressive to see how all the siblings rallied together to organize the party. One was in charge of bringing him to KL, one for smuggling a tuxedo into his suitcase, another for booking the hotel, one for balloons and decorations, and yours truly for the birthday cake.

So that fateful night (3 days before the actual birth date, mind you!) we all gathered at my dad's hotel. Meanwhile, my father thought he was going out for dinner with my stepbrother. Unfortunately, he wanted to leave the hotel for dinner right after Maghrib hence my stepbrother had to tell a number of white lies to stall him. (Hujan lebat, KL banjir, kereta tak boleh jalan, bla bla bla oh my poor brother *giggles*) My dad got quite agitated and cranky at having to wait.

Aiden and I posed for photos while Ian, the other birthday boy, was fast asleep.

Us sitting in the darkened private room, waiting for the guest of honour to arrive.

By the time everyone arrived, my dad had waited for nearly an hour in his hotel room. We finally gave the go ahead for my stepbrother to bring my dad down to the private room where we were all waiting. We all sat quietly in the darkened room and watched anxiously as he finally arrived... Our plan was nearly busted as some of the hotel staff gleefully wished him a Happy Birthday as he walked past. As soon as he walked in, we all yelled "Surprise!!!" The look on his face? Priceless!

My big fat happy family.

Waiting for food to arrive.

Ian woke up and refused to put on his bow tie.

We had a fantabulous four course meal that night. Well at the very least, my lamb was good but Hubby's steak was tough.

Caesar salad (Aiden complained that Ian did number 2, but actually it was the tangy smell of the dressing) and mushroom soup.

Roast lamb, and apple pie with ice-cream for dessert.

Mat Melayu had nasi goreng kampung.

Ian playing with helium balloons while we were feasting on our dinner.

Birthday girl and boy.

Three generations share the same birth date! Yes, in case you missed it in all my previous posts, my Dad, Ian and I share the same birthday.

Then, cake cutting session! I chose my favourite cake for my Dad - Salted Caramel cake from One Serambi. As for myself, I made my own Red Velvet cake. (Birthday sendiri pun kena bake birthday cake sendiri!!!) Absolutely love the personalized cake topper from Akudankraft. It made my simple cake look so professional!

The cakes.

Ian, you will never be able to blow the candle out with pursed lips!

We struggled to get everyone into the frame!

After cake, we all played a game. We were all given a piece of paper with several questions to test how well we knew our Papa. It was an absolutely hilarious session, not only because our answers were wacky (favourite song - Madu Tiga) but because my Dad's answers didn't make sense too (favourite food - lamb shank, when nearly everyone knew how often he requests to have KFC)!

Last but not least, what dinner would be complete without a thank you speech?

Thank you speech from my dad.

Family photo.

A photo with my better half.

Thank you siblings, for the great birthday celebration! Now stay tuned, for Part 2 of my birthday week - Ian's birthday party!


  1. Happy Birthday!!! Many happy returns of the day. Looked like a fab celebration with loved ones. #blessed

    1. Awwww thank you for the wish dear. Yes, thanks to my loved ones, I certainly did have a great week-long celebration. Take care! *hugs*


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