Friday, December 9, 2016

Our 11th Anniversary

Eleven years ago today, Hubby and I got hitched.

I'm not one to get mushy and such on this public blog. Instead, I wanted to share a few photos of our wedding for this blogpost. Well imagine my shock when I looked into my computer directory and found that all my wedding photos had been wiped out! There must have been a fatal error when saving files due to moving hard drives over the years.

Thank god I remembered burning our wedding photos into a CD over a decade ago. Turned my house upside down to look for the said CD. Oh the irony - in a world of USB sticks, cloud sharing and such, it took a piece of CD to save the day.

Anyway, I finally found the CD *ohthankgod* so here are some photos from our wedding reception in KL. (I had my nikah, khatam Quran and then a reception in Ipoh as well, but that was mainly attended by my Dad's friends, hence have been excluded to save you from the agony of scrolling through photos of random old people!) *chuckles*

First photo in the VIP room.

OMG check out my stick thin figure.

The beauty of having so many siblings *giggles*

Makan beradab.

Pretty Misha Omar.

Hey, dummy cake!

Sultanah Nora graciously allowed me to use her diamond encrusted tiara for the night.

One with my Papa.

Mini BBGS reunion!

Last but certainly not least, my girls for life. *hugs*
Happy 11th Anniversary dear Hubby. Here's to celebrating many many many more anniversaries in the future. Love you always! 


  1. update on my birthday.. yeay.. hahahaha.. wah macam raja and permaisuri you.. kuning habis.. tak tunjuk kat budak berdua tu? mesti keluar soalan, nape diorang takde..
    Happy anniversary!

    1. Happy birthday Aisha! ;)
      Hahaha dah tunjuk dah kat budak berdua tuh. As usual, soalan "Where's me?" (aduhh grammar ke laut) keluar lah. Jawapan standard - "In mummy's tummy!" Hehehe

  2. wau 10 tahun dulu, mcm puteri raja dah..
    kalau resepsi sekarang mau mcm sultan diraja..hahaha

    1. Hahaha reception sekarang dah tak terjangkau akal dah. Time I kawin dulu, mana ade dessert table, artistic photographs, photo booth etc etc... :)

  3. anyway, hppy anniversaries for u, semoga bahagia till jannah..

  4. Happy Anniversary! Woah, 11 years and you still look the same (young), pretty people :)

    1. Awww... Thank you! That is such an amazing compliment! ;)


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