Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Bye Bye Trees

Last weekend was a particularly sad one. After months and months of deliberating, we decided to cut down our two beloved Buchida trees.

We loved those trees. They were big, strong and beautiful and most importantly they provided ample shade for our home. Our mornings were comfortable for outdoor breakfasts. Our afternoons were shady for football and lazing around in the gazebo. We even hung a swing on one of the branches.

On the flip side, the shady trees were causing the grass right underneath to die. Due to that, there are ugly patches of visible soil in the garden. We tried replanting new plots of grass but they inevitably die. The roots were also protruding from the ground, so it became a tripping hazard for the kids whenever they run around in the garden. But last, but definitely not least - and the sole reason for the decision, was the fact that the roots have encroached underneath the structure of our house. We can literally see it going in! Even the roots of the tree furthest from the house had extended underneath our wood decking.

I can't predict what the roots will do to our home in the future. But better safe than sorry. So we decided to take the plunge and chop them both down. *cries*

Those trees shielded our master bedroom from direct sunlight, and masked the structure of the pencawang elektrik.

Can you see the patches of soil right underneath those trees?

My garden looked so mystical, especially when combined with the beautiful overhanging branches from the willow tree.

Now that the trees are no longer there, I can certainly feel a significant change in temperature inside the house. We no longer have the trees to shield our living hall from the afternoon sun. We definitely need new trees, pronto!

However, we need to wait a few weeks before we can start planting new ones. Just in case the racun pokok that we poured on the bark contaminates the new trees. As for the leftover roots, that will take half a year or more to reput well enough for us to pull them out. Well that, or we hire an excavator to dig them out. Might as well dig a massive hole and make a swimming pool terus. *one can always dream*

You can see the PE very clearly now. *sigh*

My garden looks so empty, macam baru pindah rumah pulak.

Anyway, I hope we made the right decision, and that the new trees we will plant will provide the same shade that we've enjoyed before. *nervous laughter* Until then, I'm praying for cool and rainy days to keep us comfortable! Wish us luck!


  1. Dear Liz,

    please build a brick garden box at the wall fence 1metre width and 1 metre high..length subject to your garden wall.. and concreted the bottom but have weep wall all around the box. if you want to be sturdy build double brick and all around to avoid cracks when trees are growing.

    put a pvc plastic at the bottom and paving it. then all around at the bottom of the wall make sure a weeping wall so that when water from the sky pours in then it will out and the tree can breathe not roots not gets rotten.
    So when you plant trees then as it roots grow bigger the roots then contain within the container.
    Once the box is ready, you filled the bottom of the brick box with bricks stones etc. So off cut of the bricks just letak balik inside . that will be the best irrigation for the root system.
    after that add few inches of sands then add top soils to the brim. . mixed a bit with some small gravels. Why fill to the brim? so that when it rains the soils will compact down halfway.
    Try and get plants like Acers, red or green. on the the above ground add loads of gravels. So if malam malam anyone walk around hiding etc ... berbunyi. You would know someone is there. Acer can live in our climate only to find the nursery selling that. pls don't plant pokok pines. masalah root and rot and etc.
    Or plant avocadoes tree. it can give tall height and shades and fruits that is good for your skin and hair too.Pokok kelapa pandan.. gives a good shades and nice kelapa..
    If plants the likes like acers family you could trim them to be shady not that tall by keep trimming the height.
    or pokok buah trained to the wall. eg pokok jambu air, pokok limau purut can grow as high as you want it to be if left on ground soils, pokok rambutan, pokok jambu etc.as it produces fruits it can be trimmed.

    Cocoa tree also gives nice foliage.. and the fruit you can dried to make chocolate.

    Btw the gist is to let you know the best to control the root is to plant it away from house and if need tree to plant it in the double brick box and concrete floor with weeping hole on the wall along the box for water to flow out. You can plaster the outer wall or leave it brick. on top of the surface of the soils covered with weeding fabric and then pour white gravel or white pebbles on top so 1. keep the soil moist during dry day and 2. weed would not grow and less maintenance 3. for security purpose if anyone panjat pagar menyorok boleh dengar sound of gravels 4. etc etc.

    good luck


  2. For more privacy you could either add trellis on the wall. Varnish in teak or olives green.


    it gives good privacy and marker if broken means someone is climbing ontop of the fence. Also looks pleasant to the eye and wind still breeze through.


    one mor thing, bayleaf plants also can be pohon rendang if in planter box.

    good luck


  3. https://www.silvatimber.co.uk/fencing/slatted-screen-components.html

    above the brick wall you could do with slatted screen panel above all wall fence. See silvatimber instructions on how to diy.

    if painted olive green or dark blue or varnish natural wood or teak are nice too.

    also can use it around your gazebo wall.

  4. One more thing, if the root spread to the house foundation it will 1. crack the walls, structure disjointed and the roof problem ie leakage. This can happened 10 15 years down the road. That is best to plant in double brick wall at the edge of the land ie near the fence and concrete the floor. Then the tree is elevated. so any naughty roots starts being pushy it will crack the brick box wall not so something can be done ie cut the roots and fixed the cracks.


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