Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Spring Cleaning

After a successful job at getting my shoes in order, I am suddenly overwhelmed with the urge of cleaning and organizing just about everything else in my wardrobe. It must be the after effects of spring cleaning; the sight of everything prettily displayed is ridiculously satisfying!

It was a toss-up between a closet with doors or open shelvings. In the end, I opted for the latter. The idea is to display my everyday necessities so that they are within easy reach. The target? To give my handbags, scarves and accessories a proper home.

The beauty with open shelvings is that they are very practical and versatile. Not only do you get to maximize the space, but you can also adapt it to fit any room of the house. And with the right touch, they can also be a decorative visual element to instantaneously brighten a mundane room.

Nothing adds a little life to a room like a little bit of flora. Just a few plants can wake up an entire space, including a pop of colour to your room.

For my latest project, I decided to use Vetop Storage's steel shelving system. Vetop Storage is a free-standing and fully adjustable shelving system, engineered to be flexible for use in any room and practically any purpose. They offer a wide range of products too - from basic shelves, to functional units and even accessories and storage boxes. After browsing through their online catalogue, my heart was set on a medium + large black shelving set, with a wooden shelf add on. I was impressed to note that not only was the price competitive... but the shipping was free too!

When the shelves arrived, I was stunned by the size and the weight of the package. Each box (there were three!) was packed neatly and weighed quite a bit. But I was pleasantly surprised. Despite the daunting challenge of assembling the racks all by myself (Hubby was away), it turned out to be effortless instead. There were no screws to turn, no hammers to wield. All I needed to do was to snap a couple of clips on the horizontal pole according to the height I desired, lower down the racks until they latch on to the clips, repeat with all other racks, and tadaaaaa I was done. I could even choose the elevation of each storage rack to fit the various sizes of my handbag boxes. Plus, the racks are so durable, they can withstand up to 100kg! (Not that my handbags are ever going to hit a hundred kilograms, but still!) *chuckles*

Anyway, here are a couple of photos from my Vetop Storage project, taken last weekend. Hopefully an inspiration for you to take on some spring cleaning in the near future!

The racks can be set at different elevations to suit your needs.

Don't be fooled by these stylish racks... they are also very strong and durable. You can also use these robust racks for all your commercial and heavy duty needs.

I configured my racks to fit these nifty storage boxes to store my accessories. With these different boxes, I can now segregate my accessories according to use – casual, classy and formal 
Affectionately called the VTNUGKIDBOX, these transparent boxes can also be stacked and they slide out like drawers. They can also be used to store food in the refrigerator, and suitable for dishwashers, microwaves and also freezers.
These awesome clips make assembling a breeze. Simply snap them to your desired height and lower the racks onto them until they lock.

I allocated the lower racks for my scarves. These used to be crushed together in a bin, or tangled together on a top shelf somewhere. But with open shelving, I can easily see my scarves to choose to match my outfit.

Now, all my favourite handbags are displayed neatly and positioned within reach. However, you can also request to customize these racks to fit a certain height. I love the personalization options!

But this is definitely my ultimate favourite. I personalized my shelving combination by adding on a wooden shelf. This opened up a myriad of decorating opportunities – from showing off my favourite accessories to trinkets that I picked up during my holidays.
Showcase the things you love, instead of leaving them gathering dust at the back of a closet. You can mix and match for your own in-home display, and experiment until you get the perfect look.

Vetop’s storage solutions are very functional and they can be used for practically anything. The options for use are endless! Browse their website for ideas and inspirations on how you can use their products in your home. There are also pre-designed kits that you can choose from to fulfill your specific storage needs.

If you're embarking on a spring cleaning journey soon, I have good news! Vetop Storage is currently offering a 10% discount to all my readers. Yes, you! All you need to do is to head to and enter the code LIZ10 at checkout. Shipping is free to West Malaysia. For more information, visit Orders can be made through both Facebook and their official website.

Happy spring cleaning!


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    lama x komen. just baca je.

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    nway...moga cpt sembuh dari demam dan boleh keje esok.

    get well soon sis

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