Friday, August 11, 2017

Hello Weekend!

Can you tell that I'm procrastinating from my Paris stories?? Too many pictures to sort, too many stories to tell. Blurrggghhh.

Tomorrow is the start of a new weekend but I am still not over last weekend. Last weekend was absolutely awesome. Why? Because Hubby and I acted as if we had just recently gotten hitched. *chuckles*

Before you start getting kinky ideas, let me clarify. The kids decided demanded that they wanted to sleep at their grandparents, and incidentally it was also my helper's week off. Do the math, who's left?? Just the two of us! (Reminds me so much of the Will Smith song.)

Oh we made so much plans and we were super productive too! Without the kids in our hair, everything was done much much faster. First thing on the list, date night! We started with a scrumptious dinner at Beard Brother's BBQ. If you've never heard of the place, I strongly suggest that you give it a try. Hubby is a big fan of beef and when I told him that the beef ribs are smoked for 20 hours, he was sold. We were lucky too, cos we got the last beef ribs and briskets (lamb was sold out). As soon as they served us, they put up the sold out sign! When we sat down to eat, we were surprised to see plastic cutleries. How-lah to eat beef ribs with plastic knifes??? Well, we were pleasantly surprised. The beef was soooo tender that the plastic knife practically glided through the meat.

Date night!

Beef ribs and briskets. We didn't even bother with the sauce; the beef was scrumptious on its own!

Can you see the logs that they use to smoke the beef?

Next, a midnight movie! We haven't done a midnight movie in yearsssss. Because the kids usually wait up for us, we don't like keeping them (and our helper) waiting. But watching a movie together with the knowledge that no one was waiting for us, was sooooo liberating. After the movie, it was close to 3am. We cracked our heads trying to think of a place to lepak but we both came up empty. We even tried driving around a few places which we hoped would still be open, but everything was closed. In the end we drove home and enjoyed some quiet time together.

The next day we woke up late, and decided to embark on yet another house improvement project that has been hanging in our heads for quite a while. Hubby wants to revamp the gazebo! So off we went to IKEA. Shopping was such a breeze without the kids to slow us down. After IKEA, we went shopping at the Sungai Buloh nursery. And by afternoon, we started gardening! Such efficient use of time!

I'm still salivating over those meatballs.

An afternoon of gardening.

We had a good dinner close to home and then retired for the night. The next morning, we woke up early and decided to cycle to the clubhouse for breakfast! If the kids are around we usually have to wait for them to wake up and then drag them on their bikes which ultimately just slows us down. Despite that, we started to miss the kids sorely. To the point that we started talking about the kids and their antics during breakfast!

Spent the rest of the day spring cleaning the house, and then yet another trip to IKEA for some last minute items. Came home and put the finishing touches on the gazebo. It's nearly there, save for the outdoor blinds. But I'll save the photos for another blogpost.

Not quite there yet, but hopefully soon enough!

Night rolled in and we went to my in-laws to pick up the kids. Imagine our surprise to find them not home! Sempat lagi squeeze another excursion out despite knowing that we would be coming by to pick them up. When they finally arrived, Ian refused to come home. After much much much coaxing, he finally agreed to go home to "get a fresh pair of clothes". #tipusunat *chuckles*

Here's to more quiet weekends with Hubby in the future!


  1. "Some quite time together" haaaa..heheheheeh...ian nak ada adik kot??
    nak tanya, bila hujan sofa kat gazebo x basah ke kak lizz?

    1. Hahahaha quiet time tuh maksudnya tido :P
      Sofa kat gazebo memang basah, so cushion, carpet, pillows tuh kitaorg letak during weekend mornings jer. Now in the process of installing blinds, hopefully it will stop the rain from coming in so that tak payah susah susah masuk keluar all the time. Hopefully tadi jadi tempat tido kucing :P


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