Friday, August 18, 2017


Just last week, Harith Iskander was at an event in my office. Something he said resonated in me. He said that nowadays, people 'celebrate' idiots by making them viral.

Let me clarify. Have you noticed that most things that have gone viral are typically things that are done by fools? In the past (way before we had Instagram or Facebook Live), everyone acknowledged that there were idiots that lived amongst us but we chose to ignore them and live peacefully. But now, we celebrate them by taking videos of them, which in turn instigates keyboard warriors which in the end promotes negativity and chaos.

We can always agree to disagree, but heck, food for thought.

Anyway, here's something viral that is nowhere idiotic at all. Viral plates or more affectionately called #pingganviral.

I am quite the perfectionist. I love things that match, which translates to matching sets of plates, saucers, serving dishes, cups and even teapots. I only have two collections in my house; my Corelle Simple Lines/Sketch for my daily use. And my Noritake Crestwood Gold for my formal dining use.

So when this pinggan viral thing came about, I wasn't hooked at all. Mismatched plates??? Not in my books!

However, slowly but surely I started warming up to the idea. I found myself admiring the distinct pieces that people scored and shared on their Instagram feeds. I started loving the contrasting pieces and the quirky flat lays. In the end, I couldn't deny myself anymore. So here's my catch:

Despite my excitement to embrace mismatched designs and colours, I somehow still gravitated towards matching sets. See how the orange saucer has a blue rim which matches the blue rectangular platter? *I am such a freak*

I told myself that I would only get a set sufficient for ONE Instagram flat lay. No buying for the future possibilities of "Oh I need this bowl in case I want to serve Tomyam" or "Oh I need more plates to cater for additional family members". And Alhamdulillah, I kept to my word. Damage for the day? RM60.

See, one Instagram square!

Update: OK, I did not keep to my word. I did a second round today, and discovered that I can still fit more pieces into one Instagram square. I promise, no more!!!

See?? Still one Instagram square!

Now I can sleep peacefully at night. No more viral shopping for me, please!

I'll just continue expanding my Corelle empire... *giggles*

Such a soothing thing to see for fellow OCDs.


  1. These plates are not good for hot food. The lead in the plates can cause leaching. Pls read and be informed:

    1. Thanks for the tip. Planning to use it to plate my cakes :)


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